Chapter 64: Mean-Spirited

"Oh! Look! A Purple Dragon! I LOVE dragons! Especially purple ones!"

NO! WHY DID YOU PICK IT UP?! The watcher sighs heavily. Ugh, now it's ours now. You just stole Olga's dragon!
I'm naming it Victor.
"Victor? Why? I was thinking Snuggles!"
Yes, well I'm the one with the keyboard and I said Victor. So he's Victor now.
"That's fine. I LOVE Victor!"
Don't you have Echo you need to go pester now?
Yeah... you go do that.
Meanwhile, Echo is catching up on family.

Back at home, I've got our Yolanda working on photography and hoping that she'll wish to max a few skills here and there with a properly timed Wish-Enhancing Serum so that she might reach our goal of 50k LTHP.

Asides from her being gorgeous, did anyone else know the tablet had a llama on it? I've played with this tablet for years and only just now saw that.
"Just like you forgot you bought us a Bonehilda?"
Shush, Dagan, you're becoming worse than Leif.

Dagan is handsome as usual. I'm hoping to see what his babies will look like with our dear Yolanda. I've been trying to call her "Lala" but if I'm honest I just always think of the wrong Lala and I have trouble.
"Wrong Lala?"
Yes. She's my adorable counter who only ever thinks wonderful things. It's... a long story. She's adorable though.
Speaking of Yolanda, we've got our first confirmation!

Oh, and still no Fenris painting.

I micromanage Yolanda all throughout her first day of pregnancy. Watching Kids TV and listening to Kids music while I grant her wishes. I had her take up the Social Networking skill for a lot of wishes that come with it and soon she was rolling in bigger wishes. She had a wish to buy a camera so I sent her to the Consignment Store at sunup and got lucky, after that she rolled the wish to max Charisma and Photography. I knew what needed to be done.

This is our last one in stock, please use it well.
"You've got it, watcher!"

(You can kind of see the outline from when she maxed the skill).
She sat down with her tabcasts and some more Kids TV and Kids music when she was stopped to do her pregnancy spin.

She rolled a wish for a girl. I let her finish out her tabcast before going in to break the news to Dagan, who responded in a fashion that KRae is all-too-familiar with.

"We're going to have a baby!"
Dagan nods and gives a thumbs up.
Don't mind him Yolanda, this is normal for him.
"Oh I know. I did marry him after all."

I kept seeing options for Felix to "Harass the World" with his cane and I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

"You stupid newspapers! I DON'T LOVE STUPID NEWSPAPERS."
Yeah, Felix doesn't seem like the crotchety old man type.
"Oh, this newspaper has an ad for Laundry Detergent on the front... I LOVE Laundry Detergent!"
There he is!

With everyone in place I suddenly realized it was Sunday night after midnight and completely forgot that it was time for Sheera's teen birthday so that she might be able to attend prom!
I didn't want to interrupt anyone else, so I had everyone keep doing what they're doing except for Dagan, who came out to cheer his baby sister on!

Again, I probably took too many pictures of her.

Problem then? The cake caught fire. First cake fire in a few generations, I think.

Dagan to the rescue!
So I realized that I probably deserved that to happen, seeing as I was forcing my beautiful Sheera to age up basically all alone, so I used that time that everyone came running to look at the fire to have them all cheer her on for her next attempt at a birthday.

This time things went off without a hitch, and Sheera gained the Mean-Spirited trait.
Really game? Really? You give me a GORGEOUS child and you give them Mean-Spirited above all other traits? I would've taken EVIL at this point!
It's ok, she's still gorgeous.

To the dresser for her hair, makeup, and outfits! She'll have two outfits I'll show you: her everyday and her Prom.

Quinn's lips forever!

Everyday wear, and finally, Prom:

Felix went back to hanging out with Lindsey.

"Can I be best friends with Lindsey? I LOVE Lindsey!"
Uh, well there's no way to do that in game, but sure. Why not?

I accidentally left Yolanda alone and she decided swimming seemed like a better option than having our heir. I corrected this.

Anyways, that's all I have for you now. Here's the needed garden-gnome picture with which I can officially close this chapter.

I have no idea what to name them, but they just wanted to let everyone know that they're still hip and cool.
I can't even remember where I got them. Probably from Felix? Maybe Reid?
That's all for now, folks!

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