Chapter 65: Triple A

Dagan came out from the art cave room and got to read a pregnancy book next to his beautiful wife, Yolanda.

Who was in her swimwear because I stupidly left her alone for all of two minutes to check on Felix and Echo and she decided that swimming was a higher priority than having an heir...
"I don't want to listen to the dancing bunnies anymore. I don't feel like myself when I do."
That's the point...
Just watch those beautiful dancing bunnies.
"So... pretty... we should give them our children..."
I have no regrets. I can live with this outcome. Oh, and congratulations on your Honorary Degree!

"Dancing... up... down... hop, hop, hop."

So while the ritual brainwashing Kids TV was playing, beautiful Sheera was asking her daddy for help in learning how to drive. It's technically Felix's turn because Echo taught Dagan, however I'm now wondering if I may be pushing poor Felix to an early grave...

"Well, she looked at me funny, so I hate her."
Oh, why did my lovely Sheera have to be Mean-Spirited? Is it because of Anne?
"Anne? Who's Anne?"
Don't ask. I'm still not over it. The watcher curls up into a blanket and crawls under the couch.

Felix has been a real trooper throughout his life. He's not supermaxed a skill (Street Art), maxed out the Advanced Technology Skill and is on his way to supermaxing the Charisma skill.

This generation has gone on quite a long time and kind of overshadowed poor Dagan. Doesn't help that he's so quiet about everything. Just rolling wishes quietly to hug his wife and paint.
You know, my favorite kind of Sim.

In other news though, Olga has passed away. Poor Echo is heartbroken and has a three day (3!!!!) mourning moodlet!

Cordell died the next day. Beautiful Sims who will be missed greatly by the Nixes. When I go into game next I'll have Felix collect them and put them into the family graveyard.

Night rolled around, it's Monday and it's also Prom! My Sims haven't gone to Prom since Cordell! I was excited for another Prom picture to join the collection.

She was announced Prom Queen after she begged everyone to vote for her. She got rejected for a dance. Won a dance-off against a petty challenger and got into 2 fights - one because someone was looking at her crush and the other because she was looking at someone else's crush. (Eye-Rolls)

And another picture joins the wall of Prom.

On Tuesday I knew Yolanda was due. It was the moment of truth and I was freaking out. Sheera went to school as usual (and ran into a poor sod who had pigtails in his hair who was dating her cousin/one of her many relatives).

Felix had preoccupied Echo with his Never Dull LTR and 100 jokes that needed to be told.

Hipp and Kewl were hanging out on the front lawn.

Dagan was doting on his very pregnant wife.

And being adorable. I knew he had Felix in there somewhere.

Honestly they're a very adorable couple. I was nervous about them at first because Dagan really wasn't interested in her, but now it's like there's no one else in the world for him.

Perhaps I should make him an Honorary Reaper Boy?
... We'll see.

Ok. I'm totally game for that.

It wasn't long before it was time. Yolanda sounded the alarm.

That's it, bring on our - hopefully - heir!
...Welp. Just hold tight one moment here.
Yes. Actually I don't like these cribs anymore. Let's pick a new style shall we?
"HELLO? I'm in LABOR over here!"
Oh, right, push! Push, Yolanda... now should we do brown or white furniture?
"Personally I'm feeling some browns, but - AHHHHH THIS HURTS!"
You've got this. Here the first one comes!

Names, please?
"Can I at least HAVE them first?! OH WATCHER. OW."
The watcher sighs dramatically. Whine, whine. Next thing you know you'll be asking me to actually have free-will to speak to your spouses whenever you'd like. The watcher stares at her nails. You guys don't know how GOOD you have it! I even schedule you some free time, but no one ever listens to-
Right. Brown cribs it is.

There's two!

And... three just decided to magically appear on the floor.

Three pink-purple-boos whose portraits are all normal-skintoned and gave me a literal freaking heart attack.
"Aww! Look at our little girls!"
Too busy... calming heart-rate.
"I'm ready with their names!"
Oh, so NOW you're ready. Whatever. Names, please?
"Anastasia, Arietty, and Ambriel."
Fantastic... and LOOK everyone, I did my job this time!
Anastasia was born first, she's the light pink one. She's Hates the Outdoors and Evil. What a real gem for our heiress.
Arietty was born next, Loves the Cold and Easily Impressed.
Finally came Ambriel, born Loves the Heat and Light Sleeper.
Sheera being the mean-spirited Sim she is, came in and daintily took Ambriel to her crib before quietly laying her to sleep.
Really game? Really? She's mean-spirited? Whatever.

And I'm officially pooped. Heir assured, it's time to start working on generation 5 getting some time in the spotlight!
"What about me? I LOVE the spotlight!"
You've already had WAY too much, Felix. I need a break. A very, very long break. Can we talk about it again in five generations?
"Oh! Waiting? I LOVE waiting! Can Echo wait with me!"
Sure thing, buddy. Sure thing.

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