Chapter 66: Mishap with the Laundry Machine

Dagan has been doing his duties and searching for Fenris.

Not-Fenris number 2 bajillion.

"I'm working on it."
I know... I know... I would've thought this was a myth if I hadn't PUT FENRIS IN THIS MOD MYSELF.

Until then, Dagan just has fun painting. Oh, and making mistakes in those paintings and trying to cover them up quickly.

Our lovely Yolanda is caring for the triplets. 

"Yes, hello little Anastasia! I'm your mommy!"
Awww, how cute!

"She is so cute!"
Well, I meant you, but she's pretty cute too, for a burrito.
"Nothing wrong with burritos!"
Of course not!
Triple alarms started going off, and I had to call in for backup.

Cuddles, food and nappy changes all around.

Dagan got to meet all three of his daughters, of course, he loved each of them equally.
Unlike the watcher, who already has a favorite and can't wait to see her grow up...
"Hey, you shouldn't play favorites with our children!"
Shouldn't... but will anyways.

Yolanda finished up there and ran to the City Hall to get her job in Politics. Level 3 to start with, thanks to that Honorary Degree!
Congratulations, love. Almost halfway there and you haven't even had your first day yet!

"Thanks, watcher!"
What would you like to do now? I feel you've earned a bit of a reprieve.
"I want to talk about my new job!"
I know just the person for that!
"Hey sweetheart! I just got a job! I'm in politics now!"
"Congratulations, babe!"

"Do you think you'd like to watch the stars with me?"
"Of course!"
You two are almost too good together. So... normal.
"Is there something wrong with normal?"
Nah, I'm just so used to unnormal that I forgot what it feels like. Don't mind me.

Sometimes I honestly wish I knew what Sims thought about during these moments.
I can guess, but mushy moments like this always just leave me a little speechless.

"Oh! Dagan! Look at that one!"

"Oh, good catch!"
"It's so beautiful!"
"Not nearly as beautiful as you."
"Yeah, watcher, that's still weird. Can you stop creeping?"
(Sighs) Yeah, I guess...

Felix was busy working on his supermaxing Charisma. Echo is such a patient wife.
"Tell me about it."

"And books, right?"
Echo laughs. "Yes, funny. Can we be done now?"
Thirty more to go!
"Yup! Oh did you hear the one about- oh, hold up, I'm getting a phone call. I LOVE phonecalls!" He answers the phone. "A date? Are you serious? I LOVE my wife. I'm not going on a date with you! Rude."

Morning dawned and Sheera had been missing almost all night, Felix was fuming on and off, and Yolanda was eating her herbs to get ready for work.

Dagan was being gorgeous as he held one of his purple daughters.

Can't forget his gentle half-smile.

Yolanda had a bit of time left to spare, so she started sculpting - she had rolled the Savvy Sculptor trait when she got her Honorary Degree and I thought, why not?
"Clay! This is interesting! How about Wood? Oh, and Ice? Stone? Metal?"
Seriously though, too many wishes. Far too many. Pick one.
"Wood? No CLAY!"
Sure thing. Check-a-roo.

Dagan resumed painting, of course.

"Still no Fenris, watcher."
I figured. The watcher takes a deep breath in. It's... ok though.
No, but I figure if I tell myself that it'll make me feel better. Fake it 'til you make it!
"Does that work?"
Eh, I think so? Besides, you paint pretty things anyways.

"Why thank you!"
So why are you wet?
"Ah, mishap with the laundry machine."
That sounds like an excellent title for a book.
"It does, doesn't it?"
I think I'll use it for this chapter, because, why not?
"I like it. Hey, where's my sister at? She's been gone all night and I think I've heard the police come by not once, but twice..."
Sheera? Heh... it's a long story...

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