Chapter 67: Where's Sheera?

Sheera had come home from high school the previous afternoon bored and on the honor roll, somehow.
Congratulations, deary!
"Thanks, watcher!"
What would you like to do this afternoon?
"Can I see a movie?"
Sure! Why not?
"Really? I didn't actually expect you to say yes..."
Well, I can't get any points from you, so you're really just here for my excitement and because you're gorgeous.
"So... I'm on the chopping block?"
Far from it. Let's go have fun?

"Well, that was fun, now what-"
What's going on? Is something wrong?
Sheera starts crying: "Some rando had to go and die in front of me! That was really rude!" 

"I just want to go home now!"
You got it... wait! HOLD THE PHONE!
"What?" Sheera sniffles. "This is annoying!"

Sheera straightens. "Oh, he's cute."

"Hi there, I'm Sheera. You're really hot."
"Hi, Sheera I'm-" 

"I'm your best friend!"
"That you are. You're pretty cute too!" Sheera flirts.
"I have a girlfriend name Mara..." Rejected.
"No you don't." Throws another friendship potion.
"I don't?" 

"So, how's your girlfriend?"
(Mara exits the theater and stands behind them).
"Girlfriend? I have a girlfriend?" 

The watcher got a nice closeup. Girlfriend, no girlfriend. She hardly compares to my Sheera anyways.

Well, this should get interesting.
(Makes popcorn)

"Wow. Sheera... you're amazing."
"I know..." 

Mara: "What do you think you're doing?!"
Sheera: "Watcher, can I have some of that popcorn?"
Sure thing, dearest.

"How could you kiss another woman when we were on a date!"
"She's not another woman! She's Sheera!"
(Munching on popcorn).
Sheera: "Oh, watcher, who's that other cute boy way over there? I wonder if he has a girlfriend we can do this to, too?" 

Let's ruin just one relationship at a time. More fun this way.
"Good call."
Mara storms away.
"Well, that's my cue! Hey, handsome, come over here!" 

Mara stomps her feet. "NO! NO! NO!"
"Yes. Yes. Yes. Ugh. Your ex whines a lot."
"She didn't break up with you, did she?"
Sheera rolls her eyes. "Whatever. I guess I'll find out." 

That is a definite negative, Sheera.
"I wonder how far we can push her?" 

So long as we aren't pushing her to homicidal, then we're all good.

"She's a grown woman! She shouldn't be crying over a teenage boy dating a teenage girl!" Sheera huffs. "Besides, we're just kissing."
Everyone starts panicking and screaming. "What is it now?!" Sheera scowled.
Some woman went into labor.
"Well, that's no fun, now I can't watch Mara get mad at me making out with her boyfriend..."
Guess it's time to end the fun?
"I guess so... Hey... uh... dude-bro? What's his name?"
I dunno, I thought you knew?
"Nope. Hey sweet-cheeks! I think you should break up with your girlfriend, Mara." 

"I was dating Mara? Consider it done. She hates you for some odd reason though. You're fantastic. I don't know why anyone could hate you."
"Yeah... I know. Don't worry, I'll sleep just fine at night."
"You're so beautiful, Sheera."
"Yeah... I know..." She smiles brighter. "Let's makeout." 

Sirens were going off in the distance.
Aw, crap. It's 11:10.

"Ugh. I'm not finished causing mayhem though!"
Felix is going to be angry.
"Don't worry, watcher. I've got this." 

"I can't believe Sheera would be out after curfew! Hiiii-ya-eouch! My BACK!"

Careful there, old man, one skill point in martial arts by no means makes you an expert.
Sheera comes in the front door, smiling. "Hi daddy!"
"Where have you been, young lady?! It's after 11!"

"I'm sorry, daddy! I lost track of time. I was having a lot of fun and I almost got done with a project of mine. I still have more work to do though... Please forgive me?"

Child, your puppy-eyes could kill somebody.
"Aww, I'm sorry I yelled at you, pumpkin. I LOVE you. I don't love yelling at you."

"S'ok, daddy. Can I borrow your car? I have important things I need to do."
"Of course, sweetheart! Just drive safely!"
"Of course!"

You're not Mean-Spirited... you're just downright diabolical.
"I know! Let's hurry! I think what's-his-name is still at the theater!"

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