Chapter 68: Life Goals

So we left Sheera driving off in daddy Felix's car to finish up her 'little project.'

"Hey! You're right where I left you! Did you even move an inch?"
"You never told me I could move..."
"Good boy." 

Uhm... what's his name? Someone asked...
"I dunno."
"What was that Sheera?"
"Nothing, handsome. Don't worry about it."
"Oh, ok."
"So do you want to be my boyfriend now that you're single and stuff?" 

"Heck yes I do!"
You don't even know his name...
"Neither do you."
"Now we need to celebrate in the traditional Nix way!"
"Oh? And what's that?"
"Normally, we exchange gifts and then pillow-fight."
"Oh, ok. Sounds fun!"
"Yup! Here you go!" 

"Oh, I've always wanted this random and obscure piece of furniture!"
"I know, I think that was a gift to Foxglove and Leif."
"Shhh. Don't worry about it, sweet-cheeks." 

"So now do we pillow-fight?"
"Yes. Normally, but you see there's no bed here, and I've got something I need to take care of tonight, so I think we'll have to postpone our pillow-fighting celebration."
"Yup. Come'on lover-boy. You're coming with me."
"I'd go anywhere with you."
"I know you would." 

Sheera's boyfriend is kind of blown away by the Bat-Mobile. "Woah... this is like, the best car... ever."
"Yeah, it's my daddy's."
"Is that someone I should be afraid of?"
Sheera snorts. "Depends, how many things do you dislike in the world?"
"Not many things. Nothing when I'm with you."
"Then you'll get along just fine with him. It's my mom you should really be afraid of."
"Your mom?" He laughs.
"You laugh now, but my mom is one scary lady. She'll smile as she hands you a toxic mixed drink. That's my life goal right there."
A perfect life goal that is.

"So where are we going?"
"Your ex-girlfriend's house."
"My who?"
"Good answer."
"So what are we doing--"

"Eggs? Where did you even get those?!"
"...from my pockets..."
"You don't even have pockets!"
Is he questioning your authority Sheera? Tsk Tsk. He won't last long at this rate.

"Watcher, I can't even remember this boy's name. What makes you think he's going to last long?"
Touche. Again.
Sheera, as usual, looks adorable no matter what she's doing.

Of course... this was not to last.

"Hey! Are you out after curfew?!"
"Uh... no?"

"Young lady you break curfew and get caught not once but TWICE in one night?"

"You're so groun-did the cop leave yet?"
"Yup, she's gone."

"Ok, good. Punishment for getting caught is you have to listen to my next 12 jokes for my supermax."
"Aw... dad! Really? Can't you just ground me? I'd rather be stuck in the house until I'm a young adult..."
"Ready? Here we go!"

"So did I tell you the one about the two lovers walking into a bar?"
"I don't think so..."
"Yeah, it really hurt apparently."

Daddy Dagan to the rescue!

Look at that smile!
Look at this smile.

He and Echo continue to work hard to keep the infant's needs up. Their birthdays should be coming soon.

Meanwhile, Victor finally got a real purpose and a chance at showing off in the Dynasty.

"Victor! Find me a new person that I can befriend!"
Victor: CA-CAW!

Interesting genetics... it seems the Purple Dragon actually spawns townies and not randomly generated NPCs. Go Victor, Go!
Victor: CA-CAW

And that's 10 best friends.
Congratulations on supermaxing Charisma, Felix!
Your age bar is full now... you know that, right?
"Yup... I've lived a nice full life. Just give me a few more days with Echo is all I ask."
That you can definitely have, love. Definitely.

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  1. Oh I love the purple dragon, as much as I hate the SimFinder with social networking because it does the opposite of the purple dragon. Except for the time it summoned a vampire original townie who decided to die immediately, which might be the same fate with a short lifespan.