Chapter 69: Too Many Birthdays

Surely enough, it's the triplet's birthdays! Anastasia, Arriety and Ambriel all are aging up to toddlers.

I just need to try to not lose my mind.
"You've already lost your mind, watcher." Echo grumbles.
Shhh, but the readers don't know that...
"Uh... yes they do. I'm sure they've all met Majnun."
Hush, child, how do you know about him?
"You talk about him a lot... and it feels like he narrates half the time anyways."
"Before you know it you'll be strangling lamps and smashing pancakes into the carpet..."
No way! It's not even Tuesday!

Ahem, so anyways, Yolanda is working a bit on her sculpting and Dagan is doing his Dagan-thing: painting.

While Sheera was trying to see Sterling again!

Yes. I remembered his name this time!
"Hardly matters, watcher."
Sure thing, dear. I'm just glad I actually remembered...

I finally sucked in a breath and decided to brace myself and start the birthdays... maker have mercy.

Anastasia went first and aged up with an odd hair color and Yolanda's eyes.

My Evil, Hates the Outdoors little heiress.

She's just so adorable! Sometimes I wonder if the game messed up and gave her the wrong traits? Perhaps not... but look at this face!

It was after this birthday I realized that Yolanda had an opportunity for her job (hello, easy promotion!) but that she had to take someone out to dinner. She's got the highest relationship with the triplets, so she would be stuck on cake-duty all night... instead I sent her running for the opportunity as fast as her little legs could carry her.
Oh, and the Bat-Mobile.

Dear, what are you doing?
"What does it look like? I'm ringing their doorbell."
You do you.

"Hey, you old fart, I need to take you out to dinner and stuff."
That's what they call a Charming Introduction, then?
"We're friends now, that's all that matters."
Ah, I love the charisma skill.
So Yolanda marched Old Fart with her to the Bistro before they closed so she might get her opportunity.

For reference, this is the wedding dress she almost got to wear.
"Dagan and I are a little more simple."
Yeah, that's why you rushed off and had triplets...

We return to your regular viewing now with... Oh you two... get a room. Or don't, I guess, since Felix is getting up there...

He might not actually make it to the room to continue the makeout.

Right! So Felix broke away from Echo and hobbled over to gather Arriety.

Miss Easily Impressed and Loves the Cold. She's a replica of her other sister Ambriel (who we haven't gotten to yet) so I've given her long hair and spiceberry clothes - her favorite color. I hope this will make her and Ambriel easier to tell apart.

Finally, I desperately tried to reign in Sheera from the park before the police brought her back and interrupted everything all while Felix hiked his elderly legs to bring Ambriel to her cake.

Surprise! It's Echo's birthday too!
Oh, come on!

"What?! Do you think I want this?!"

Well, your outfit matches perfectly. No new wardrobe for you.
Echo sighs. "It seems my youthful days are done."
"You're still beautiful, Echo." Felix says as he nearly drops his granddaughter into her cake.
The watcher facepalms. Can we have at least a little bit of sanity tonight? Please?
Due to routing, Ambriel was placed in the living room to age up. (Sighs).

Here's our Ambriel, the youngest twin and the Light Sleeper, Loves the Heat. Wearing hot pink and with her hair up to prevent mixups with Arriety.

And now, I'm exhausted. Just writing this all again makes me feel exhausted. Hehe.
So that's where I'll leave this for now. I can't wait for the triplets to become children so sanity can return to the household again.
Watcher Livvielove, over and out.

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