Chapter 70: Little Miss

This chapter is essentially toddler spam. Sorry, I'm not sorry.
To get things started - and while uploading the images - let's have a chitty chat about what a hectic ride this has been. These triplets have very unique personalities and the game is laughing at me with the traits it continues to give them.
Ah well.
So, as I'm crunching through Generation 6, the triplets have developed a unique personality and I love it. Anastasia is so serious all the time. Arietty is a sourpuss and rarely does anything but scowl, while little Ambriel is always so cheerful and smiling and giggly.
It's strange, as their traits would imply they should all be switched, but hey, I love them just as they are!
Annnd images uploaded.
"Took you look enough! You talk too much. Nag, nag, complain, complain!"
Majnun! Get out of here! This is not your story!
As we were.

Ambriel is just a doll and I loved taking pictures of her adorable, smiling face.

Cheerful Felix loves on the little Anastasia.

She's so beautiful, but she's always so serious!
Arietty gets some love from grandma Echo.

"Grandma with hair to match now..."
I know, I miss your darling red hair too.

You guys have no idea what a challenge it was with limited adults to have enough people to drive everyone around in the Mobile... Anyways, here's my squad:

I feel like there should be some epic music playing in the background.
"Bad boys, bad boys!"

So remember last chapter how I had Yolanda go after an opportunity by taking some random old fart out to dinner? Well the game glitched because I saved and exited in the middle of her eating with him, so it didn't count, and it was officially too late to eat at the Bistro, so I marched her little hiney over to the Diner where she wined and dined said old fart.
Ah, what we do for promotions...

"I hate sucking up to the man!"
Yup. Rebellious Political Aspirations? Not a good combination. KEEP SUCKING UP.

Everyone got their little pick-me-up in the Mobile before I went "full brigalia" (I love that phrase way too much. Too much Django for me) on the skills! With Dagan on the potty training duty and the playpen and walker, the girls were cycled through so that they were always skilling on something.

Arriety worked on her scowling talking first.

Coming along nicely.

Whoop. There it is.

Ambriel got to work on... awwww!

Walking and isn't she... awwwwwww!

I just need to say the phrase quickly before... AWWWW!

What was I saying?

Anastasia worked on her serious pooping face.
What? You apparently need a game-face for that. I don't blame her at all.

Why does it look like smiling hurts this child?

Because Ambriel has all the smiles.
ALL of them.
There can only be one.

Echo and Felix stole some time away from the world to just enjoy their time.

They flirted, talked, kissed. It was pretty adorable.

Sheera was... oh yeah! Out on the lawn causing fights.

Oh Sheera...

Back to Ambriel who's... AWWWW!

Little Miss Serious-Face and her daddy continued to work on her potty training.

She's so adorable, especially next to daddy Dagan.

She's got that potty-training-game-face!

Little Miss Sourpuss continues with her lemon-eating.

She looks like she's plotting to kill someone.

It was time for the rotation! Little Miss Serious got to learn how to make serious faces talk.

Little Miss Sourpuss learned how to walk... because how better to kill your targets than to be able to walk to them?

That's my first batch of photos for you! I have plenty more!

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