Chapter 71: To the Library!

More toddler spam ensuing. Still not sorry.
Sheera, when she's not causing fights on the lawn, is quietly painting masterpieces in the art room.

I've seen this picture six bajillion times. Not one Fenris.
Dagan the repairman to the rescue! We need that shower to conceive Sheera's child!
"Uh... what?" 

What? Haven't you realized everyone is conceived in that shower?
Oh please. You haven't showered since you made the triplets. Don't even talk to me about gross.

Back to Sheera, she's begun to work on another Not-Fenris painting.

That is a nice sassy Tinkerbell, though.
"She's my spirit-animal."
... I can see that. Definitely.

Yolanda downs another round of perfect Basil.

Gotta do what we can. Are you still sucking up to your boss?
Just keep your talk of "the man" to yourself.
Yolanda sighs. "They're just trying to keep us down..."
Yes, yes, and you'll forget you even have this trait once we finally get you to the top of this darned career and retire you.
"Oh, so now you're planning my retirement?"
Well for all I know, your daughter is well on her way to becoming an assassin...
"Arriety? Don't be ridiculous!"
You haven't seen her faces the way I have...

"Ah... point taken."

Meanwhile Ambriel is... awwwwwwww!

Look at what... awwwwwww!

I just can't imagine her any cuter than... awwwwwwwww!

Anastasia continues to be studious and serious.

That's her "singing" to her Imaginary Friend.
Aren't we having fun? Yes? No...?

I stopped in on Leif and Foxglove but they weren't home... yet Leif was at the pool. Turns out Leif's a...

How's it going, buddy?
"Well, I almost missed your voice, then I heard it again."
Aww, thanks. Don't get yourself killed doing those magic tricks... or do. Whatever floats your boat.
"Thanks, watcher!"
Heard you and Foxglove are expecting again. (Eyebrow wiggle).
Can I see your daughter?
Awww, why not?
"I'll make you a deal. If you can find her - you can see her!"
(Watcher grumbles about not being able to find her and storms off).

So, on to the title of this chapter! Felix, Echo and Dagan all trot the toddlers to the library for some skill prep time now that they're all done with basic skills. Dagan got the happy child, Echo got the future assassin, and Felix got Ms. Serious -- mostly because I love the contrast between happy Felix and serious Anastasia.

I just love Ambriel's face in that last one.

We'll end this chapter with Sheera as she arrives at the library to take everyone home in the mobile. Life is good.

Meanwhile, for those of you who like family members!

Mandie Nix, daughter of Reia Nix (Reid's sister).
And this gentleman is Arnold, Echo's brother.

That's all for now, folks.

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