Chapter 73: No to the Fourth Power

Life goes on in the Nix household.
Kewl, the Lawn Gnome - affectionately named by Oshizu has grown into an old-man gnome while Hipp jumps awkwardly for joy behind him.

The triplets are inside, getting to know each other a little better while their incredible, gorgeous watcher sets up the next thing for them to do. Today is technically their birthday after midnight, but I decide to hold off on caking them up right away until they've accomplished more with the xylophone. These girls are going to be mindless skilling machines.

Just kidding, they have too much personality for that.
Don't mind the lighting. It's a full moon on the night that Felix died. It's also Sheera's birthday too, which I'm bouncing in my seat for. 

The girls begin their progress with the xylophone, and with Felix gone it now makes a perfect number of adults to train the girls. 

There's a bit of a rotation going on so Dagan and Yolanda can be friends with all of their children. The playpen and walker are so helpful, but it takes away the friendship gain from the actual training of toddler skills. Bummer, but I guess we can't win them all. 

Night rolls around and everyone runs to cheer Sheera on - save for the triplets, who could care less.

Sheera ages up into a STUNNING young adult and adds... uh... I can't remember which trait it added. All of her traits are: Mean Spirited, Perceptive, Easily Impressed, Loves the Outdoors and Never Nude.

Sheera is so pretty that a zombie decides to crash the party.

No, but really, how did you even get in here?!

I jump back to check on the triplets only to discover the most creepy thing ever. To start with, when I took the triplets to the library I took those silly Imaginary Friend dolls out of their inventory so they could focus on their reading books without trying to yank out that stupid doll in between each book. So I placed them in the storage room with all the others. I don't know why this surprised me, but...


HOW CREEPY IS IT THAT THEY MOVED ON THEIR OWN? It's official. These things are super... freaking... creepy!

So I promptly put those things back in the storage room and hope they'll "die" when the kids age up like all the others have in previous generations. The toddlers are unmoved by the creepy situation.

Seriously, why does Arriety always look like she's going to kill someone?
Oh! Candid moment of randomness! Look who's actually smiling!

Even though Felix's passing was tragic, it actually works well in favor of me getting another generation of Quinn's lips. Sheera got to work on that task immediately.

Or rather, only after Dagan gave Sterling McJerk-Face the stare down.

"Can I punch his face in?"
Not until he gives me a baby with Quinn's lips.
"I'm watching you, buddy."
Anyways, Sheera was put to work with chimes the first time.

So, I went back to looking at my little triplets when I came back to find Sterling and Sheera autonomously flirting for hours straight.
I don't like him. I don't really know what to do, yet it seems Sheera likes him.
"Shush, watcher."
I really wish you WOULDN'T like him and what happened to that nice outfit I gave you?

"I dunno."
The watcher sighs, well, can we at least take the girls out for a spin in the mobile before time to age them up?
"Can do!"

Here's the squad + Sterling:

"Oh? Can't I be part of the squad?"
No. That's an absolute and final no. No with extra no sprinkles. No to the fourth power times infinity. There aren't enough Darth Vaders in the world to shout 'NO' at you. I mean very literally-
"Ok. Ok. I get it."
I wasn't done yet-
"Yes you were, watcher."
Shush, Sheera. You're turning into your mother.

The girls finished their xylophone training and it was time to age them up when catastrophe struck. Anastasia went first, everything was grand. I took Arriety up and she blew out her candles and then didn't age up. I got another cake and tried three more times. I tried triggering the age transaction. Nothing. Finally gave in, took Ambriel to the cake and aged her up and got her made over while I reset Arriety which finally let her age up but it turned her into a PUDDING FACE.
I about sobbed. Thankfully I knew in advance (from looking ahead ) That Arriety and Ambriel were twins, so I basically cloned Ambriel over onto Arriety and wah-la. Fixed it. It was a mess.
I'll save that for another chapter as we're too close to the screenshot limit. For now, here's a picture of Meira O'Connell-Del, the daughter of Foxglove and Leif.

Can't say I would've picked that haircolor with her skintone, but hey - that's genetics for you.

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  1. Cringed so hard at the pudding face thing...I mean I've had it happen but I'd just go back a save. There's some weird bug with aging up toddlers too late that hits when it wants to, I guess in both modded and unmodded games (I ran into it during a decadynasty like every damn generation until I knew better) Supposedly it might be due to a corrupted outfit? Maybe? Bueller?

    In one case I went the bonkers way of saving a sim who was resetting to puddingface multiple times by transferring her good genes (there was a vaguely corrupt "minisim" version of her somewhere) to a newly-made puddingface (manually made through DebugEnabler or grabbing from the NPC pool) it pudding equilibrium.