Chapter 74: Triple As, Triple Bs

Yup, this is a chapter solely for the triplet's birthdays and a few other sparse things here and there.
"Me deciding to take on Alchemy as my LTW is not a sparse thing!"

Sheera, you clearly have no idea what it means to be a watcher. Your LTW is VERY sparse compared to your fathers. Nothing will ever beat your father's LTW debacle. In fact, your LTW is a walk in the park.
Sheera rolls her eyes. "You're lame."
Yes. Yes I am.

Anyways, so we started with Anastasia - the one who didn't give me any problems.

Obligatory, adorable picture of toddler making face to blow out candle - check.

Annnnd she gains the Grumpy trait. We got a winner here, everyone!

A very cute winner.

Try... something out of something for Arietty.

Can't remember. Still didn't work.
But where would we be without the obligatory, adorable puffer-fish-face picture?

She's now Loves the Cold, Absent-Minded, and Easily Impressed.

Finally we had Ambriel, who's birthday went ten-zillion times smoother than her sister's.
Yet the watcher is a horrible person who was having a meltdown at this point so she didn't get any adorable toddler-puffy-faced-photos.

Ambriel is Unlucky, Loves the Heat, and a Light Sleeper.

Anyways, Yolanda got another promotion.

(Insert adorable Yolanda face here)

Sheera got to work on maxing her Alchemy career and also turning over the store a few times to make some spare cash.

Psh. Spare cash. Like we need it.

Finally, Echo worked her broken-heart off in the garden.

Life, while finally speeding up, is good.

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