03 - A Proper Full Moon Schedule

Ok, so last we left off we just had Brylee and Blaze - Brylee is a witch like her mommy and Blaze is a werewolf like his daddy. We're at 1/12 boys and 1/12 girls for a total of 2/24 needed children. The house is fully fixtured and money isn't so tight.
Current Household Status: Liam (Daddy/Werewolf/Young Adult); Adilyn (Mommy/Witch/Young Adult); Blaze (Boy #1/Werewolf/Burrito); Brylee (Girl #1/Witch/Burrito).

Mom and dad tag-team on the twins to keep the little burritos happy.

I've put in all my nursery CC I have, but I haven't yet redecorated the nursery. I've come up with a pregnancy system of getting Adilyn pregnant on the day infants are due to age up to toddlers. This gives me 6 uninterrupted days of toddler training for the babes. Having two parents at home is going to be insanely helpful, though I'm really excited to get these oldest two babies grown so I can have some extra hands helping mom and dad.

Liam often stares out the window when I leave him alone for long enough. It's annoying, but I think soon he'll be too busy to be doing any more of that time wasting!

Adilyn and Liam eat together whenever they possibly can, which I find really adorable. I know they won't be able to keep this routine when the babies become toddlers and ESPECIALLY not when the next babes come along.
I left these two be so they could enjoy whatever remaining time they had of quiet - as I don't think they'll have much for a while after the twins age up. They proved to me they're expert level star-gazers.

They can see through walls.

...and ceilings...

...and a torrential downpour of rain and clouds.
Damn that's impressive.

Liam does the late-night feeding so his wife can sleep a little longer.

I really adore fatherhood on Liam.

He's not perfect, but in my world he certainly is. ♥

This is another daily routine for Liam and Adilyn - though no, no chimes. Not time for those yet.

Adilyn really likes the dishwasher, can't you tell?

Adilyn paints in the quiet, I'm quite fond of the picture:

Seems majestic.

Liam begins to crank out potions to help get over the last hurtle for his "Max Alchemy" wish that's been taking up space since the second day of this challenge.

It's been gloomy in this file - raining or hailing at least half of the days of the summer. I have my seasons set to be Summer - 20; Fall - 5; Winter - 3; Spring - 5 (I think? I'll have to double check my settings. I just know I have an elongated Summer and only have Fall, Winter and Spring enabled for the holidays rather than for the actual season).

I took these because I had forgotten how sexy Liam looked doing his Alchemy; this was merely a pleasant reminder.

Look! Liam is capable of cleaning too! And look, here he is parenting!

I know there's been a lot of Liam doing things this chapter but I swear Adilyn and he are completely on an even chore split. Adilyn is neat so she cleans up after Liam 99% of the time. She also is constantly working in the garden to keep Liam stocked with ingredients and taking care of the babies whenever Liam is mixing ingredients. She also does all the cooking.
I just haven't taken pictures of her doing these things.

The two sit down for breakfast again, it's day 2 of the babies in burrito form, which means the next morning these two will try for baby for the second pregnancy of this challenge.

I was doing some Boolprop birthday events and needed a picture of Sims dancing, so I had them dance. I don't regret it at all! They're so cute together and I think they really need time to remain a couple instead of just "mom" and "dad." My challenge for myself this file is to create a good family dynamic, and honestly the best family dynamics start at the couple.
Though these two have absolutely ZERO friends outside of the household... Ah well. It's not like they've wished for it. I have plenty of potions stocked up to make fast friends with people anyways.

Chimes! Today is also the burrito-birthday-bash! The twins, Blaze and Brylee will be aging up to toddlers!

The day was nice for the first time in several days, so Liam and Adilyn enjoyed some time out in the sun. It was about this time I realized Liam and Adilyn's outfits just would not render properly. They look fine from the angle I have it, but I could tell, and it bothered me. So I swapped Liam into his formalwear to see if that would fix it.

It did. One of the tell-tale signs of my clothing not rendering completely is the face/detailed features will be fuzzy - especially the eyes. His eyes were crisp in his formal but when I flipped him back he wasn't so crisp anymore and that was ANNOYING.

Oh, did I mention that not only was it the Twins' birthday and the day of which we get pregnant with the next generation but it was ALSO a full moon? This is sheer stroke of luck though, and should line up with EACH subsequent toddler birthday for my sims as I have my lunar calendar on the 6 day cycle (3 days for pregnancy, 3 days for burrito - getting pregnant the day of the toddler birthday of the preceding pregnancy).
Liam and I have taken great care to only have him transform when he's alone to prevent any children/the wife from getting spooked. I know not all Sims get spooked, but why take any chances?

Liam is getting more brazen with his beekeeping abilities. He's also (somehow) hauling in perfect-quality honey and not getting stung at all - minus the very first time, which I would attribute to the bees just being temperamental from first being placed perhaps?

Adilyn works on the garden... man this town is gorgeous.

Roaring Heights was the last neighborhood I needed to complete my collection for the Sims 3 and I hesitated getting it because I really really dislike the 20s style, but it's growing to be one of my favorite worlds just because it's so beautiful. I've been popping in and out of this world since I got it and fixing up the Boardwalk with all the store content I have (giving it a real carousel and games); then Where the Willow Walks has me coming back here as this is Jacob's hometown and I'm just REALLY falling in love with this place.

Liam keeps pushing to crank out so many elixirs because he's in long-term-wish-overload. You know that problem where you have 4 long term wishes saved so you can no longer take any quick/easy wishes that would be SO quick to fill? He's got 2 dedicated to the next baby ("Have a Baby" and "Have a Child with Adilyn") then he's got his wish to Max Alchemy (and because it's part of his LTW it's worth MORE than the average "max skill" wish), then he's got a "mix 10 Elixirs" wish for 1,500.
With the twins aging up to the wish-inducing toddler stage I'm trying to rush those 10 Elixirs out.
Speak of the devil!

Blaze was technically the first born, but the game decided Brylee should age up first.
Ladies first, I guess?

She's adorable! Trait reminder: she's Absent-Minded and Friendly!
Confession: I check all of the babies these two have in CAS right after birth - but only to view them as Young Adults (I just like seeing the genetics immediately). I never see them through the other stages though, so these are all new to me!
Next was Blaze:

Awww! So, so cute! Blaze, as a reminder, is a Couch Potato (I got this wrong last chapter - I think I said Heavy Sleeper) and Eccentric.

We're off to a good start I see. The babies had (by my own fault) fallen asleep around 3 in the afternoon and had full energy bars. I was kicking myself until I realized it's a full moon. Liam cannot sleep during the full moon - something about being in werewolf form makes sleeping almost useless.
I noticed this early at least (around 7, before the babes aged up) and sent Adilyn to catch some Z's so she would be mostly awake to endure a long night of skilling.

Awww, we got ourselves a daddy's girl! Gah, I hope we get a LOT more daddy's girls. And daddy's boys. Just daddy children. Let's have lots of them.

I actually secretly adore the fact that he's in werewolf form for this. Can you imagine being a toddler like "daddy's so hairy!"

Liam took such care of his babies as infants, so they're both "friends" with him by this point. They're naturally "good friends" with their mother just due to the fact that she home-birthed them.

Attack of the claw!



SO cute!

Brylee gets her bottle and daddy Liam goes to tackle the barrage of wishes he got, starting with Teach Blaze to Talk.

I have so many pictures of these two as toddlers tonight.

Sorry NOT sorry.

Honestly I was not very fond of Sims 3 Werewolves before this file, but I'm falling in love with them again.

ljg;lasjkgd;ldaksjga;lsk SO CUTE!
Adilyn had gotten some rest and cleaned up so she was ready to tackle her portion of the twins!

Poor Brylee gets hit with the claw not once but twice.

For some reason, I don't think she minds.

Blaze makes excellent progress on learning to talk, and Brylee tries to eat a block.

Adilyn went to get herself some munchies - sadly alone. No more dinners and breakfasts with Liam.

Then she took on Brylee's walking!

While I hate the full moon lighting effect, I do love how productive this full moon is becoming.

Liam was mid-word of teaching Blaze how to talk when he started staring off and I followed his gaze.

He's staring at his wife.
So cute!
I love this family.

Brylee made great progress learning how to walk, and I only melted every time she pulled a face... but you know. Babies.
Will I keep this momentum up for the rest of this challenge? Who knows!
Liam had to call it quits early on teaching Blaze to talk so he could

I laughed way harder at this picture than I probably should have.

Poor Adilyn got hit with the morning sickness hard.

Brylee didn't take well to being left alone while her mommy went to throw up.
Liam finished his amusing consumption of salad and returned to tending to his son.

After teaching him how to talk, Liam worked on the first portion of potty training Blaze while Adilyn helped Brylee.

I love, love, love the nose-boop animation that comes with "chatting." It's actually that same animation that's my chromebook background.

Only well, it's Robert and Olivia from Willow and not anything to do with this challenge.

Blaze chats with daddy before Liam goes to clean up outside. Liam managed to sneak back inside for this positively adorable interaction.

I had heard that if one wolf howled, any nearby ones would howl with them, so when Liam was approaching I had Blaze "practice howling at the moon" and Liam jumped right in immediately! I was slayed!

Unfortunately... Liam isn't quite THERE yet either, hahaha!

The break of dawn stretched over Roaring Heights and it was bedtime for the twins.

They were all tuckered out after the night they had - and their parents were doubly so.

Liam came down from his feral state.

Adilyn worshiped the porcelain god once more... and all four Messorems collapsed into sleep for the morning. I didn't want them sleeping ALL day, so I planned to wake them up before noon and get them going. For the most part, everyone was completely fine with this.

Adilyn fed little Brylee just in time to do her first pop.

She then ran as far away from her responsibilities as possible.



  1. I hate that the rain (and hail and fog) are so frequent, regardless of the actual season. Not sure if you use a season mod, but I recommend nraas Tempest, so very customizable.

    OMG, the toddlers are *so* cute! If I'm not mistaken, then seem to both have Jane's pale skintone? Maybe one of them will inherit Jane's freckles ;)

    1. Same here! Though honestly I don't mind it in this town, the family rarely goes outside, but then again that could be BECAUSE it's always raining/hailing/foggy.
      I'm ashamed to say I've not yet figured out Tempest yet. I use just about EVERY OTHER Nraas mod (minus relativity, which everyone says I should try, but once again, I can't seem to figure it out).

      As for the skin - yes most of the babies actually favor Adilyn's custom skin, which I *love* because it's an HD skin whereas Liam's is just my default replacement base-game slider skins. So far none of the freckles got passed down, though, which is a big bummer for me, but I do have extra freckle mods... that and I've never really been lucky enough to SEE freckles passed down in my actual gamefiles. I've seen sims who SUPPOSEDLY inherited freckles from their townie parents, but never before in my actual families.

      Maybe this time will be the first!

  2. Brylee is sooooo cute and unique looking. <3
    And Blaze's gigantic eyes!