04 - Then There Were Five

Here we go again! Let's look at the Messomers!
Household Status: Liam (Daddy/Werewolf/Young Adult); Adilyn (Mommy/Witch/Young Adult); Blaze (Boy #1/Werewolf/Toddler); Brylee (Girl #1/Witch/Toddler)

Last we left off, Adilyn was running away from her responsibilities.

Run far, run fast love.
No, in reality she was stir crazy and she had an opportunity to make some street art for cash. I was hoping to send Liam and her on a date to do that when I realized that oh, they'd need to hire a babysitter.
AKA challenge failure.
SO She went alone. Liam, thankfully, wasn't stir crazy. I just realized that until Blaze and Brlyee were teens... these two wouldn't go on any more dates... it makes me feel bad for not doing more dates for them before the babes were born.

Brylee learned how to talk from daddy.

And Blaze is enjoying his rocket ship.

Adilyn cranked out her opportunity at the nearest community lot from where they lived before zooming home on her broomstick.

Liam was right where she left him. Don't mind his clothing change, I was still upset because the clothes just wouldn't render right! I think it was at this point I broke down and went into CAS to give him a new shirt and shoes.

Adilyn was potty training Blaze, and while she was waiting she shifted into the rub her belly animation which I found just adorable.
Both she and Liam wished for a baby girl; for those of you who remember from last chapter, that means Liam is 100% full up on wishes: Have a Child; Have a Child with Adilyn; Have a Girl; Master Alchemy.

I'm so in love with this family. I do hope I can keep at it with this challenge.
I don't exactly have a record for challenges completed though...

Liam got to work finishing teaching Blaze to walk.

Adilyn and Brylee on the other hand went to watch some Kids TV.

Look who snuck in some time during their busy lives to have dinner together? Heeee. ♥

This is the part where I fist pump the air because I've got them on a good schedule and they were all sleeping at once despite the previous night's full moon throwing them all off course.

The baby belly is growing! I'm hoping for multiples here - ideally twins, as that's the best number for two adults, but I won't be mad if I get triplets.

Liam is back at it with the bees.

The twins do everything together and are almost best friends.

Now that the toddlers are all trained, Liam and Adilyn return to taking care of their (severely) neglected house.

As well as spending time together as their child merges and becomes one with the bear potty.

They're so cute! Ok, so I hadn't yet changed Liam's shirt and shoes yet... it's incoming though! And so far it seems to have fixed things.
Also, NEVER FEAR, it appears Blaze made it out ok.

Brylee was spying on her parents from inside the toybox. Gah, this family is too much adorable sometimes.

One massage for the very-pregnant Adilyn.
Then it was time for Liam to gush over his incoming child/children.

I love these little interactions. It just makes the game feel so much more alive.

Ah! Here we have where I got fed up with the outfit rendering and got him a new shirt/shoe combo still in his style.

Now that the initial push to get the toddlers trained is done, things calmed significantly.

The whole family just tended to gather near each other.

Liam was getting closer and closer to knocking that "Master Alchemy" skill wish off his list!

Everyone went to bed shortly after, and Liam did morning wake-up duty the next day. It was the day the new babe/babes would be coming!

Once morning routines were all out of the way, Liam returned to his alchemy, the twins returned to their playing, and Adilyn returned to the TV.

Adilyn had eaten the last of the pancakes that morning, so Liam happily stuck to the lower quality honey in his inventory (which equates to the "very nice" honey, lol, there IS no nasty honey when Liam harvests it). I debated having Adilyn make something quick when the game decided for me.

Frantic Liam is frantic.

No time for hysterics! I sent him back to work!

I ushered Adilyn to the nursery where she was miserable because of the "vile" potties.

Daddy Liam to the rescue.

 Adilyn continued to labor for several hours until she helped me redecorate the nursery in a snap to accommodate the newest little ones.

Yes, ones. Plural.

We pulled in triplets, baby!

First up came Bastian! He's Virtuoso and Eccentric!

Next came Bethany! She's Absent-Minded and Easily Impressed.

Finally came Bentley, who is a Loner and a Heavy Sleeper!
All the triplets came out in the yellow... joy!

(Canon sounds)

Thankfully the twins are pretty much self-sufficient, minus needing help in and out of bed and with bottles.

I'm pretty sure Liam's face says it all.

"Is it over yet?"
Oh no, darling. It's only just begun.
(distant evil laughter).

Adilyn attempts to take care of the garden, but gods know these plants will probably die the day the triplets become toddlers.
Perhaps not literally, but internally... because they know they will not see proper watering and weeding for eons after that.

Liam likes to take the reigns with the burritos because he doesn't have the same relationship boost advantage that Adilyn gets from a home birth.

Op! We have our first toy poof!

Hehe, I love baby witches. The triplets are ALL werewolves, so right now Brylee is our only baby to favor her mama's supernatural genes.
WELL, Liam did wish to hunt with a pack... a pack of 2 didn't seem that fierce, but a pack of five? Now we're talking!
Wait! If Brylee is alone though... where is...

BLAZE! NO! Ack! Why are they cute even when they destroy things?
Night falls and it's a tricky one. This is the first night with all the babes and the tots sleeping in the same room. Unlike infants, tots are susceptible to waking up when an infant cries. We cannot control when babes sleep, so this adds an extra layer of challenge and has me keeping Liam and Adilyn on their toes.

I wake them up and sneak them in just before the babes's portraits would turn yellow so the tots could remain asleep. This worked like a charm!

Unfortunately this also had the side-effect of Adilyn and Liam only getting 1/4 of the amount of sleep they would need to survive - but that's what Liam's alchemy is for! Thanks Angry Alchemist!

They carry on their routine before splitting up to take over the children.

The Tots were just waking up, so Adilyn took care of them - getting them changed, changing their diapers, giving a good snuggle and handing them a bottle.

Liam had a chance to sneak some breakfast in.

Because Stew Surprise is an excellent breakfast.
Ah well, beggars cannot be choosers.

He finished his breakfast and was on burrito duty.

And I'm all caught up on where I played to last night! Here's a picture of the twins at the block table! I've recently installed a few toddler/child mods from Mod the Sims I'm curious to try out! I've kept a save as right before putting them in, so I'm prepared if the worst comes to be, but let's hope things go well!

I'll leave you with a picture of the tots being adorable!


  1. Ooh, interesting to see your toddler/child mods, I'm always looking for new things for the kiddies to do. Seems you have a good routine going for now, though I wonder whether you/they can keep up with it...good luck keeping up with triplets! At least the twins should be children by then, so they can help out with the feeding and such.

    So jealous of your boy/girl ratio, btw. Mine is very much worse...I can tell the end of this challenge is going to be interesting/annoying.

    1. I was really tempted to try out the "extra toddler activities" but I put it in (in a save-as, prepping to try a new mod) and chickened out when I wasn't certain how to make it work. I didn't want a dead mod weighing down this challenge, but I do have it bookmarked in case I can figure it out again! It had funny things like tots drawing on the walls and playing in puddles.

      My Boy/Girl ratio HAS been great. I do have SP in and I think that naturally regulates some of the babes (as I don't tweak the settings). I just know I can't use the fruit trick even if I wanted to because of my SP settings (and I'd have to change them if I wanted to).
      Though now that I'm further along I may start seeing more of one gender or another... but to me that's half the fun! Well at least for now, we'll see how I do when I'm waiting on that LAST one and ripping my hair out as I go!