05 - The Burritos Grew Legs

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Toddler.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Burrito.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Burrito.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Burrito.

Liam is the epic bee keeper, though I jinxed him and he's now getting normal quality honey (gasps).

Adilyn is cleaning up around the house, thank goodness for neat Sims.

I mentioned getting a new mod for toddler interactions so I've been having fun testing these things out!

These two are so cute! Blaze and Brylee are best friends and often do everything together.

They now can hug, chat, and play peek-a-boo together!

It's so cute to watch! 
Liam finished up with the bees and resumed his alchemy mixing.

More Peek-a-boo! So cute! I love families! 

The burrito stage is always the hardest to be patient through, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how the triplets turn out!

So, ironically, last chapter I joked that the garden would die when the triplets aged up... well it kind of did prematurely. All of the plants died - lol and NO it wasn't from neglect. Just old plant age, I guess. So I had Adilyn plant some more plants.

The tots found the skill-related objects! It's about time! 

Liam and Adilyn STILL make time for meals together whenever possible. 

These tots really DO do everything together, and when Blaze cries, Brylee is the first one there to give him a cheer-up hug.

These two decide to ignore their parental duties for some couple time instead of the morning routines...

Non-fruitful couple time, it's not time for another pregnancy yet! 

Adilyn had a wish to cast a good luck charm on Liam... you can see how prepared he is for that haha! 

It ended up working out and they decide to take round 2 into the new bathroom.

No chimes here! Just them having good, clean, fun. 

With the tots now free to roam again for the day, they still stick together and go back to ignoring the skill-related toys, of course.

Liam and Adilyn get breakfast together, enjoying the quiet of the morning before their lives get totally wrecked by 3 more toddlers.

Adilyn takes care of the babes and Liam?

Makes potion...

After potion...

Until he finally knocks out that wish and Masters Alchemy! Thank the gods.

Adilyn is our cook, gardener, and cleaner. Bless her soul. She's unbreakable it seems.

The new tot interactions are so adorable! They're always so cute... except when Blaze is tearing up the furniture. 

Adilyn rushes off to complete another opportunity. 

Liam decides he wants to be a werewolf.

He continues to try to complete his LTW. 
He'll need to make 50 elixirs and use them (either on himself, or someone else). 

The tots got their dinner. Normally in my other files I like to push myself to have them eat in high chairs but bottles have been my saving grace this file.

The nursery has it set up so the boys are closer to the windows and the girls are closer to the door - each crib has a corresponding stuffed bear that matches the lifestate of said crib's owner.

Little howl! Oh no, but sister Brylee is crying!

All better! These two are so, SO cute!

Adilyn practices her magic to fulfill a wish.

Liam face planted into his dinner.
The night was a really rough night for the burritos - nothing particularly picture worthy. Just that they kept their parents up a lot of the night - one time getting up for feeding/loneliness, then a second time a few hours later for diaper changes.

Liam and Adilyn were exhausted and today was a full moon (which means "Try for Baby" day and the dreaded day the burritos grow arms and legs with which to demand the rest of Adilyn and Liam's souls).

A boost was in order!
Both Liam AND Adilyn got themselves some Invigorating Elixir to get them through the day. This was the first of MANY potions thrown for the course of the next 24 hours.

Adilyn cleaned up the garden, then she and Liam had breakfast together.

They tended to their little burritos and tots.

The tots, of course, were never far from each other.

Then it was time.

The first attempt left no chimes to be heard. So a second attempt was had.

Chimes. Let the games begin.

Liam got some time to whip up some potions.
Tot spam:

Liam had run outside to flip the elixir store, and when he got home I realized it was 5:30pm, which means the full moon would be rising soon. I had him run as fast as he could for the bedroom just in time to transform in solitude.

Poor babe. We've had 0 freakouts from Werewolf transitioning and I intend to KEEP it that way!

One last time for good measure - Blaze will be aging up to child tomorrow! I wanted to get one of ALL of the tots howling together but it just wasn't meant to be. Blaze is firmly on a day/night sleep schedule and the tots, as every birthday seems to bring, were awake all night on the full moon.
Adilyn and Liam stole some time for dinner before the triplets would age up to tots.

I took way too many pictures of this because Liam and she had never eaten together before while Liam was in werewolf form (I don't think - in my file they've now eaten together like this SEVERAL times and I cannot already recall if they'd done this before in my WRITING portion of this; I'm PRETTY sure this is the first).

I figured Adilyn would simply ignore him at the very best, yet she started talking to him! I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. Liam shot up and began looking around before talking back.

Then he plunked down normally and continued chatting with her.

These two are a hoot!

Liam had a wish to cut a gem, so we snuck that in before the chaos began... and then one by one... the burritos emerged from their cocoons as beautiful toddlers.
Here they are in order of age up (not order of birth):



I have much more to tell, but I think for the sake of the chapter I'll wrap it up here. Here is a good stopping point. Next up comes the night from hell - the time where I ripped a big chunk of my hair out!


  1. Aw, cute toddlers are cute! I'm definitely going to try out that mod, thanks for the link! May have grabbed a couple of other things to try out as well. Downloading spree ate into my simming time, though.

    I had a feeling toddlers would throw your nicely worked schedule in chaos, going to check it out now!

    1. I'm SO in love with the toddlers in this file! I'm usually not that gushy about toddlers/babies/children in my game files but now I'm just... LOOK AT THE WITTLE BABES!
      Oh I feel you, I went on a CC binge after the triplets aged up to children for more clothes and spent a good half a night doing it. It's so hard to resist though!

      Hahaha, I'd like to believe I managed my nicely worked schedule ok, but Liam and Adilyn disagree with me! Haha!

  2. Ah, so there's where the adorable tot interactions come from!

    So far I think Bastian is a tentative favorite of mine, but I reserve the right to change my mind. *hehe*

    1. Yes! That's got to be one of my favorite mods, and I've only really just started using it! I adore the interactions THAT much! So worth it!

      Bastian was hard to not just love all on because he is a literal Liam clone, and I raised Liam from a wee babe so long ago, so I'm so attached to him. He's got ALL Liam's features, but Adilyn's coloring. laskjg;laskdjg I'm so attached to Liam due to his upbringing being so hard so it's so hard for me to not insta-love any children that take after him.