06 - The Night from Hell

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Toddler.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Toddler.

So I have a little explanation I need to give at the start of this chapter. Full Disclosure: I had to play through this night twice due to a buggy age-up that happened the following night. Without giving anything away I simply apologize if the descriptions don't seem to line up, I sort of had it parsed out where things went awry and the part I had to reload to. I don't have a perfect recollection of exactly how everything went down, so for that I apologize. Let's get on with the show:

I just love how adorable these two are... but you're burning daylight moonlight guys! Get to it!

Picture taking definitely took a backseat this time around. Adilyn and Liam got all three kids on their first attempt at the potty. Then it was divide and conquer. Unfortunately... Adilyn was mostly conquering the porcelain throne, as she got whacked with the morning sickness stick hard. She threw up maybe 5-6 times over the course of the night. I lost count after 4.

Oh lawdy it begins...

Uhh here we go:

Skilling! Until... ls;agjdkl;sadkjgalsdkgj

Liam got abducted. 😑
In his absence, I had to use a crowbar to pull Adilyn away from the porcelain throne once again and pick up where Liam left off:

Liam was returned in one piece, and he's an occult, which I only learned recently can NOT get pregnant via alien, thank goodness.

Liam ran back inside.

It was going to be a long, long night.

Adilyn focused on potty training - it was also the quickest, came in bursts, and was nearest to the bathroom, which she visited often for more porcelain throne worship.

Liam balanced walking and talking.

Adilyn and Liam took shifts to eat and care for themselves - mostly Adilyn though, who had thrown up 5-6 times (still can't remember) and who was constantly tired from the babes sucking the life out of her from the inside.

By this point I had achieved:
Bastian: Walk/Talk/Most of Potty
Bentley: Most of Walk/Potty/Working on Talk in picture
Bethany: Walk/Most of Potty/Most of Talk

Just after dawn was when Adilyn FINALLY got a break from her constant-nausea-and-morning-sickness just in time to let out the OTHER tots into the chaos.

Bentley: Talking achieved!

Now time to focus on his walking!

Bethany: Potty Training, achieved!

General chaos around every corner. I did use the walker and playpen but I avoided using it for the Walking/Talking skills. Just logic/charisma/handiness pretraining they got from it. I think I did catch Bastian and Bethany trying to get their talking skills that way, but I stopped them!
Perhaps some of you read this and think I've cheated the whole way, but I do have SOME integrity. 😆

Bastian learns how to walk!

In the background, Bentley has been potty trained, so he's officially done with all of his training!

Adilyn puts him to bed and pops her third pregnancy!
So it's going on 10am in game, the tots had been up all night. After Bastian learned how to walk, Bethany got pulled to Liam to be trained in how to talk (her last skill), while Adilyn tried to teach Bastian how to potty.

Bethany achieved her last skill and got her bedtime bottle while Adilyn tucked her into bed. Bastian came a hair short of his potty training goals, so I thought... maybe one more time...

But Bastian just wasn't having ANY of it. Poor Liam was exhausted and hungry too, so he decided it call it quits and pick it up again in a few hours after they've BOTH napped and eaten.

Liam tucks his babes away and finally has a chance to shift back into human form. Time to check on the older tots!

They're a little oblivious to the household, which is fine by me. They've been entertaining themselves (and thankfully, Blaze hasn't torn up any other furniture)! These two are a godsend and I know I'll only love them more and more as they get older and help the other kids grow. I'm very fond of both Brylee and Blaze, being the first, but also because they're such good-tempered toddlers.

This is Adilyn's "how the bloody hell did we survive the last night" face.

She and Liam celebrated in the shower together.

Adilyn also got glitched a bit? Her hands were stuck to her thighs for some reason. I reset her after she was done eating and that fixed it. Strange.
Anyways, Adilyn got something to eat while Liam roused the triplets before their energy bar got very full. The point of the nap was to keep them awake just long enough so they'd conk out again at the proper bedtime.

Bastian is now a lot less grumpy and Liam and he both conquer the last skill: potty training!

Upon sitting him down on the tot's toilet he immediately maxes that skill and we're officially all done with the tots training for the triplets - yes all in under 24 hours from their birthdays! Please don't ask me how, I literally have no idea. All I know is some of my hair is on the ground and my eye hasn't stopped twitching since I exited this file.
Pls send halp.

Blaze and Brylee have had random outfit changes (probably earlier but I forgot to mention it) because the whole reason I ended up having to redo the night of toddler training (weeps to self) is because when Brylee and Blaze went to age up, neither of them would. Not via cheats nor cake. I freaked out and reset Brylee and by resetting her she was made face 1, which freaked me out even MORE, so I exited without saving because I hadn't saved her genetics before. The last save I had done was right before Liam got abducted!
Meanwhile, I was kicking myself because it turns out the easiest way to fix that age up glitch is to just change them out of CC clothing. Derp! Well I did that now, and (spoiler alert) it worked like a charm and these two aged up JUST fine this go around.
Anywho, knowing these two were due to age up, I needed to finally start making the upstairs inhabitable and prepped. I didn't feel up for doing the WHOLE upstairs, so I just did the patio and the kids room.

You probably noticed in earlier pictures that I removed the spiral staircase in favor of a double-wide regular staircase (if not then... SURPRISE I changed out a spiral staircase for a regular double-wide staircase)! Long winded rant: I initially put in the spiral because it fit better and I didn't have to tweak the layout, but I've been fussing with the general size of the rooms/patio since 2 chapters ago (when trying to work out of a greenhouse was feasible without severaly screwing with my layout- it's not) and I noticed that by doing that (the fussing to make the greenhouse a possibility) I ended up making a little bit more room for what I thought was the spare downstairs bathroom - well I took AWAY that spare space again and had JUST enough room for the staircase without cutting off flow from the dining room to the living room.
Unfortunately it still seemed really dividing (which I wasn't happy about) so I did end up shortening both walls (the one by the kitchen and the one by the living room) and the stairs were happily put in place.
Wow that was really long and unnecessary. Point is, I had *a* spiral staircase and I realized that as the babes grew up and got older that I would have 6+ kiddos going up and down the stairs probably around the same time and the thought of them ALL waiting on the spiral staircase utterly had my nerves ALREADY frayed. Hence, double stairs. NOW, onto the patio where I threw in YET ANOTHER option:

I had picked a non-flat lot to build on; very beachy but that makes yard space impossible, so the little yard is moved UPSTAIRS. I also threw in a fire-house pole hoping that during the morning rushes to get to school the kiddos can split between the stairs and the fire pole. Pretty nifty thinking, huh? (eyebrow wiggle) or as Blams and Mpart know it to be: (👂 waggle).

With that done just in time - it was time for the birthdays!

Blaze went first!

He gained the Angler trait.

I'm going to make a page to keep up with the kiddos, I'll post a link at the end of each chapter just so people can follow along. Maybe even put them up for download? I dunno yet!

Brylee was next!

She gained the Daredevil trait!

After the kids have aged up, they head upstairs to test the new children-aged-plus-only play area.

Of course they have to play together.

I put away the other cribs into the family inventory just for now to save space and prevent crib-hopping. Everyone got tucked away for bed.

Adilyn did some last minute house clean-up.

And everyone went to sleep.
(Collapses back in chair) phew. What a rush!


  1. Holy crap, triplet skills inside 24 hours with only two trainers? You're amazing! And here I was thinking I'd done well to do triplets in 2 days with 3 trainers. I did cave and use the playpen, but I'm also not using elixirs, so I think it balances out?

    The kids are all so cute, glad you sorted out your age-up errors!

    1. I still have no idea how I managed that. Liam did 99% of the heavy lifting. But I'm convinced Liam is a perfect being in this challenge (and out of it too); it makes me wistful for my generation 6 to hurry up and get here for the Reapers (heh, I'm a LONG way off).

      Elixirs are a lifesaver for me. Sleeping has been such a nuisance! I've debated caving and getting a Motive Mobile and just going at this challenge like I do my Nix Short Dynasty but I'm really try hard not to. I feel a little worn out having so many kids up during the day that I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have the nights to recoup! So I'm still debating if I want to do the motive mobile and just throw away the sleeping portion of this challenge... and eating at that rate.
      Still leaning on no.

      I love my kiddos! I was super freaked out that my save was already bugged. I now have an obscene amount of backup copies of this file I've been taking (I think I'm up to 6 right now, lol). I WILL finish this! I WILL!