07 - Collector of Dangerous Noodles

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Child.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Child.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Toddler.

So I got my second wind and began planning the next chunk of the house.

I've put in a study area and left plenty of room for the next set of double-wide stairs. That's right, we're probably going to need a 3rd floor. I really wish/hope we don't, but as of right now there's not enough room for all the skill objects that the kids may want as they grow. I really like the house as a 2 story house, but I'm going to do whatever it takes to make this house work for the duration of the challenge.

Brylee and Blaze are sleeping soundly in their beds where we last left them, but they're one of the first in the house to awaken the next morning. They get cleaned up, and Blaze wishes to test out his Werewolf abilities.

Oh gods why?! You're not nearly as pretty as your papa, but I sure as HECK am not going to painstakingly fix EVERY werewolf's face in this challenge - especially since (as of right now) the babes tend to be favoring their dad's lifestate over their mom's!
Maybe if I remember I'll fix his hair up at least so people will recognize him, but until then... I may just try to keep him human!

Liam and Adilyn were awake next, so Liam got to work rousing the tots.

I love me daddy's little girl for Liam. ❤

Ohmigoshsocute! ❤❤❤❤

Adilyn cleaned up breakfast - Blaze had the breakfast of champions, Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce.

Adilyn also worked to stock up the fridge - now that there are autonomous, little people running around the house with minimal cooking skill, it's good to have this as a back up!

Brylee got a wish to learn the Alchemy skill, so she jumped to work at that. I squealed as I saw my Children Can mod working, and remembered that kids can now garden too! Suddenly the garden doesn't seem like such a hopeless endeavor after all!

Nose-Boop! Nose-Boop!

Bethany is spoiled by her daddy.

I immediately send my Daredevil Brylee out to collect it.

She immediately rolls the Zoologist lifetime wish, which I accept for her.
I took a look at the snake she picked up and -

$918?! That's almost $1,000! We should sell-
Of course she would want to keep it.

Everyone say hello to Levi the Snek.

I now have a Dangerous Noodle collector. Great.
Where the heck am I going to fit 20 tanks?!

Livvie, when will you ever think these things through beyond "but it was cute!?"

Either way, Brylee IS very adorable, and she's an immense help around the house. It's the least I could do.

Blaze, on the other hand, had a wish to learn the writing skill.

The triplets are all gathered around the block table to spend time together.
Just a word of warning, they're probably not going to move much from that spot for the duration of this chapter, haha!

I sent Liam on a mission to flip the Elixir store a few more times in case I need funding for that ridiculous 3rd floor I'm still in denial about. I also sent him to the REGULAR consignment store (seen above) to sell some Red Berry Beans from the garden, and finally he stopped at the REGULAR store on the way home to pick up groceries because I have a mod for no free meals with no ingredients and Liam is tired of Pancakes and Salad.

Blaze ALSO had a wish to learn the Alchemy skill, wish granted!

Liam and I snuck some flowers into the purchase at the grocery store!

Nothing like surprising your beautiful, pregnant wife with nice flowers!

Liam is such a sweetheart in both this challenge and my stories. Guh I miss him a lot sometimes. Makes me glad I'm doing this challenge with him.

Adilyn is due to give birth the next day, so Liam is, of course, making sure he gets quality time in with his unborn children!

The way these two look at each other... 😍
It makes me so happy.

I have a theory about pregnancy with the Sims in the Sims 3. As you can see here, Liam is rubbing her full belly with no clipping, the past two pregnancies his hand clipped into her stomach some - this time it's not. I'm betting she's only got one little bun in this oven. Her hands also mega clipped through her stomach when she went into labor, so I'll be curious to see if my theory holds.

Until she gives birth we'll just have to deal with Liam being cute on his wife!

I've mentioned before but I haven't exactly played with werewolves in a while, so I wanted to see if I could have these two run in a pack together - it'd be super cute!

Yet once they were both in Werewolf form, Liam only had the "Hunt Solo" option and Blaze only had the "Practice Hunting" option. Guess he's not old enough yet! Boo!

Well, I wasn't going to let it go to waste! Liam and Blaze joked about shedding then headed outside. Blaze practiced his hunting...

...while daddy Liam actually hunted and brought home the spoils.

Blaze went back inside to help clean up around the house instead, something he could do without limitations!

Gotta love potty duty, eh?
He would later kick over the trash can, likely in rebellion.

The triplets are... exactly where we left them!

I normally go ham for toddlers, but I felt like I was already taking too many pictures as it is. Today is Leisure day in my file, so the children are home. Maybe when the kids go to school I'll give the tots more face-time!

Off goes Liam, our mighty hunter!

Brylee sure does love her danger-noodles. This is a new one she found and named Crimson.

Adilyn spent a lot of this pregnancy resting and cuddling on the tots. I can always love some toddler interactions!

I'm trying to make a rule that the kids must make their own food first (if feasible) before heading to the fridge, so here's me upholding that.

Methinks I might need more ovens...

For now, one will do!

Liam made it home from the hunt and returned to normal while his wife went outside to deal with that trash can that "mysteriously" fell over...

And this... ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I give Brylee anything she wants.

This child autonomously cleans and she's not even Neat.

Here she is doing the dishes for her mother!

So her Danger Noodles get their own homes!

Liam and Adilyn decide to have some fun, but what else is really new here?

Brylee wished to make a Vial of Bliss. I obliged. She even used my firehouse pole! This girl certainly knows the way to my heart!

This household is a bit chaotic but I'm just in love with it!

Liam snuck in a quick gem cut before everyone would be going to bed. Brylee is clearly impressed.

I don't know how the kids can see the TV like this, but they don't seem too upset by it. Adilyn's back hurt and she wished for a massage so I got distracted getting Liam up to "Alluring" so he could GIVE her one when I realized the time had blown WAY past bedtime!

Everyone was rushed to the potties and then into their beds and cribs.

But of course...

I just can't. Freaking. Win! These alien abductions! I swear! (shakes fist dramatically at sky) Thankfully it was Liam and not his pregnant, sensitive wife.
I bet these Aliens wish Liam wasn't a Werewolf. I'm sure they'd love to have his genes all over their next experiment...

Either way, he was NOT thrilled upon his return. I had him take a quick elixir pick-me-up and sent him to bed.

The reason? Well regular Invigorating Elixirs only pump you up a little and prevent your sleep from decaying for 6 hours. This is all well and good, but I just wanted the little boost from the elixir, not the sleep-decay-prevention. That boost put him at about the same spot on the energy bar as his wife - who had slept through the whole occasion soundly. This will have him fully rested by morning when it's time to rally the troops.
Alchemy really is a lifesaver!
And that's the end of THIS binge-play!


  1. My sims live on salad and pancakes too! We've just added some fish to the fridge, so will need to level up cooking to get some sushi and fish & chips into the menu.

    With the Zoologist LTW, you don't need to keep all the animals, she just needs to catch 20. So sell away! Especially those rare ones!

    1. I swear there's NOTHING ELSE they eat! Adilyn has level 7 in the cooking skill and every time I send her to make something I'm like "ehhh.... we'll just do pancakes. Pancakes sound good."
      I think I deviated from the norm and did waffles once... apparently that was a bad idea. Pancakes or bust, I guess? Lol!

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I didn't know that but I saw your comment as I was working on it and it saved me a whole lot of heartbreak! <3