08 - The Daily Routine Map

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Child.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Child.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Toddler.

Livvie's attempts to make the children as successful as possible, so far, are proving feasible.

This town is gonna fill up fast with Messorems. I can feel it.

Someone didn't get their bottle last night...

So for some reason, Blaze wound up with homework before school even started while Brylee did not. He managed to get 70% of it done before the bus came. Oh well!

The breakfast routine continues, adorable as ever, even when Liam is not eating the right type of meal, haha.
So a lot of things started happening shortly after this picture.
Firstly the dishwasher broke.

Bastian was having a fit.

Oh, and Adilyn went into labor.
You know, usual stuff.

I gave Liam 10 seconds of freaking out, then life resumed as per Messorem usual.

Random fun-fact that my brain has decided to share now (why now? I dunno, guess it decided now was the best time to lay this one out there): Liam's last name is actually Reaper, as he is from my Reaper Legacy (which is way overdue for a facelift and some attention, but please ignore that - I've been busy and it's been on a mild hiatus as I balance my 5 other stories + going back to school + work). Due to his last name being Reaper and being that's Adilyn was originally Sheera Nix I wanted a name that was unique to this challenge so people wouldn't think I was just doing spin-offs, so I picked Messorem.
Messorem, in Latin, means "Reaper," so it's a tribute to Liam's heritage.

What was that? Oh you wanted to see the labor? Oh I guess...

Last chapter I predicted that if her hands didn't clip through her belly, then it was probably a single babe. I thought that, since LIAM'S hands hadn't clipped through her belly that it may be a sign of a single babe...
Well her hands are clipping, so I guess I'm not... wrong persay.

We've got twins going for us!

Benny Messorem, who is Loves the Outdoors and Disciplined.

And his twin sister (my boy/girl ratio is freaking GLORIOUS)...

Belle Messorem, who is Insane and Good.

Belle is a Werewolf, and Benny is a Witch!

Daddy Liam comes in to dote on his beautiful children, and yea, he transformed into a Werewolf to fulfill a wish he had saved. Gotta clear up space! With the "Have a Baby" wishes now out of the way, they finally have room to complete all the little wish things they'd like!

Before 3 o-clock comes I have Adilyn sign the Kiddos up for Study Club after school. It'll make my life easier not having to worry about homework for 2 nights of the week.

Meanwhile, the tots have been block playing together in hopes to build their relationships up. I want everyone in the household to be best friends. Yes. I do know this is nuts. Yes. I'm still going for it anyways. Realizing this block table is taking eons I decided it was best to move to one-on-one conversation and interactions between them all.

Out of the triplet tots, Bastian is my favorite. He's 100% his daddy with his mom's coloring, so yeah, I'm a little biased.
Seeing as only two tots can interact at a time, that leaves one third wheel that I push to play with the peg box. Right now, that's Bentley.

However, soon it's Bentley's turn!

So Bastian now gets to play at the peg box. Hehe, his angry face is much the same as Liam's angry face... do I have a picture of that around here? YES! Here's teen Liam for eons ago:

To be fair that's more his thinking face, but regardless he always looks a little grumpy. It's why I love him so dearly.

With that, the tots are all besties! The next big hurtle is overcoming the kiddos/tot friendship hurtle and we'll be set!

Adilyn was out in her garden as the tots were chit-chatting. Now that we're at 7 kids in the house I may put a pause on baby making and skip this next full moon in favor of the next full moon, but I'm honestly not sure just yet. Would it be considered cheating to take advantage of the fact that I have mods that allow more than 8 sims per household? The latest twins were technically an accident (a happy accident, but an accident all the same).

Liam was out hunting yet came home in time to greet his kiddos, the Kiddos who decided they wanted to play tag and run around the house.

Yes because the second floor balcony on a stilted house is definitely the safest place to run around, rough housing and playing tag...

Tot love! ❤

Yes! My strong family foundation gives me feelings of happy complete-ness.

Yes! Livvie! Your insanity is paying off! Look at those glorious muffins! These kids will be 5-star chefs in no time!

Liam's LTW has taken a backseat for a lot of the past few weeks, and I really want to get that back on track. I've got all the "ingredients" needed for all the bliss potions he'll need to throw at Adilyn (yes, of course Adilyn will be his potion tester out of love) - he just needs to make them now.

He takes a break to eat though, face first, and neither his wife nor daughter mind. Guh this family is just giving me the warm-fuzzies.

Blaze slunk off to make a potion he had wished for.

The house settles into bed and Liam only has to get up once to tend to the burritos' needs.

Maybe the triplets were particularly difficult, or maybe these twins are just really amenable, but either way it was a supremely easy night.
The kiddos woke up and did their morning routines - everyone minus Liam and Adilyn have a very specific routine I keep them all to.

The kiddos wake up, change their clothes, use the all-in-one bathrooms, make their beds and go down to make breakfast together at their ovens.

The tots are all awoken around the same time; they get a snuggle, an outfit change, a diaper change, and a bottle on the ground.

The burritos are on the watch list, I generally just leave them alone until I notice a bar falling too low then I send in the troops to fix them up.

After the kiddos eat their breakfast they tend to minor chores (like for Brylee it's tending to her snek family) then it's just wish fulfilling and/or play time before school.

Liam and Adilyn have what I call a "flexible" schedule. They usually go to bed and wake up at about the same time, but they're forced to change and adjust for their babies. Sometimes their meals get pushed way back so they can feed all the tots/burritos or tend to needs. Basically Tot/Burrito needs > Liam and Adilyn's routine > their kids wants > their own wants.

Not sure if that flow chart makes any sense, but that's what it is. Their routine, if undisturbed by children, would be to wake up early, woohoo in the shower together, eat together, tend to the house, tend to the garden, tend to the bees, do something to earn money, tend to wishes, eat dinner together, spend quality time with each other, and go to bed.

Lol, if you can't tell from these past few chapters, their routine has NOT been this way in a long while and I'll seldom let them put their routine before their burritos/tots.

The tot's routine after they're woken, clothed, cleaned, and fed is to use their potty and then for the FIRST set of tots I had (Brylee and Blaze) I just let them loose on the house. I'm now implementing a new system of pre-skilling for my tots so they can step into childhood and then teenhood with skills already pre-learned as much as possible.

Adilyn was going stir crazy again so I sent her out, she then got an opportunity chain which would eventually lead to the Omniplant, so she went to take care of that. Time to start planting some Cheese and Eggs! Hahaha!

Roaring Heights is as beautiful as ever. I also did a week count and we're mid-week 3. So far so good on my game files. Given the amount of mods/content I use, I generally get stuttering in my lesser files, but so far... this has been great. I really hope this save makes it to the end, but I'm nervous I may not get a chance to!
Fingers crossed!
We're 7 kids in!
Boys: 4/12
Girls: 3/12


  1. *sigh* So I had this long and detailed comment, and blogger ate it. Will try to recapture the essence of it, but not going to be as good.

    I'm impressed that your kids have so much time before school! Mine are lucky if they get to eat and shower before school. So jealous of your boy/girl ratio, you're not going to have any issues getting the required 12/12 split.

    The kids are adorable, love how the triplets got 3 different hair colours. Good on you for getting them all to best friends - hopefully they can keep it that way during childhood, the way the twins have. To get the kids to befriend the toddlers, use the peek-a-boo interaction, the relationship will jump up straight away. Then the tough part of keeping it up begins...always the hardest thing for me, keeping friendships high.

    1. ACK! Bloggers comments are probably the WEAKEST part of this blog-hosting site. I see a lot of my fellow simmers on wordpress and sometimes long for the nice comment section and like-features they have... but alas, Blogger is my home and my heart.
      Unfortunately, it's comments sections are a real bitch.

      My kids right now have TOO MUCH TIME on their hands and they cause me trouble! The All-In-One bathrooms are expensive but SO worth it for how speedy things are and no-fuss. Super space-saving too.

      My boy/girl ratio has been glorious, but I do think it's partially my SP. I was so upset that my triplets got different hair colors! BUT I'm not too mad that Bethany got that red hair, sure beats that puke-brown!

      Lol so far things have been ok with maintaining, but I may have to resort to potions as things get rough! I tried peek-a-boo but it didn't do anything! I remember it used to, but no longer! Ack! That's ok, at least daddy Liam is an alchemist... and the peek-a-boo interaction is just too cute anyways.

    2. Yep, agree about Blogger and the comments - I didn't even realise you'd replied to half of my comments until just now, because no notifications. I'll try to remember to tick the box from now on. But I get that you love what you know well.

      What settings do you have in SP to help your gender balance? I need to do something about mine...