09 - The Favorite Child

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Child.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Child.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Toddler.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Toddler.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Burrito.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Burrito.

The household is OVER max capacity at this point, but that's ok! I was still debating whether or not I would keep going considering I DO have mods that allow more than 8 Sims per household, but I've finally come to a conclusion about it: I'm going to keep going if Liam and Adilyn roll the wish for it. The reason being is EVEN THOUGH part of the challenge would be having to wait to have kids there are two things that have convinced me that I won't actually be cheating:

  • The first thing is that there is no "determined" lifespan we HAVE to use for this challenge, it's just encouraged that we DON'T use the shorter ones, so theoretically, if I were going based on some of the other simmer's age-spans they picked (with significantly shorter baby/toddler/child/teen ratios) then I wouldn't HAVE to wait that long anyways. 
  • The second thing I realized is that it's almost more challenging to have more Sims I have to keep track of rather than just leaving it at 8. So, in a way, I'm putting more risk and challenge on myself to micromanage and handle MORE children on top of the 7 I already have.
So with those things in mind, I'm going to keep adding to the household. I hope this doesn't disqualify me, but I feel I've argued my point enough. I've seen several simmers who have reduced lifespans for their baby boom, and mine total up to be 31 days (3+7+7+14) from the normal lifespan. I love having more time with the kids so I can have them grow up to be well-rounded adults with potentially completed LTWs. If I were playing with shorter lifespans for the babes I would adhere to the 8-sim-per-household max, but because I'm not I feel it's still fair and in the "spirit" of the challenge to utilize my mods. 
Anyways, let's resume where we were, shall we?

Liam got a wish to quit his job at the birth of Benny and Belle. 

I confirmed it, then...

Goddammit Liam! 
Well shortly after I accept that wish: 

Welp, it's been decided for me folks. 
I sent Liam back out to flip the Elixir store again AND sign up for his job... again.

Well, I guess... Liam had... the right idea. He literally just got $500 for nothing. For quitting his job and applying again. 
I mean... I'm not complaining.

Bethany gets some love from mommy Adilyn.

The Kiddos made it home and I did some wish granting.

They both were King and Queen of the household for a few minutes.

Adilyn autonomously came and bowed to their highnesses.

I had Liam come over and woohoo with Adilyn, but they decided to talk about gardening instead.
Oh I see how it is, every time I leave you two alone you rush off to the bed and shower, but when I push you to woohoo THAT'S when it's all "have you seen the garden?"
Unless it's some euphemism I'm totally missing...

The tots are always socializing with each other - it's so cute! I've been having them work on the Peg Box first and then the Xylophone when they max the Peg Box.

Little Bethany found the Peg Box all on her own. My girls may be fewer in this file, but they're little skill powerhouses!

The kiddos whipped up their dinner, uniformly. These twins are super cute. Even though I've been playing this file for a while I really don't have a favorite. I like all of the kids for their own reason. I love how studious and easy to manage Blaze is; his twin sister Brylee is SO ambitious! It's not one of her traits but she's always been a go-getter. She cleans on her own, she wishes to get out and hunt down animals and plants and helps the Messorem coffers out significantly.
Out of the triplets, Bastian has one of my favorite names and I love his looks. He's essentially an Adilyn-colored Liam, which... I love Liam so... Then there's Bethany who's so naturally interested in learning. She seldom sits around and always seeks out the LEARNING toys before anything else. Bentley is super easy-going which is SO helpful when dealing with so many kids.
I can't wait to see how the last two babes shape up personality-wise.

The family naturally gravitates towards the dinner table together. I just love how well they all get along.

The twins still do everything together! They do homework together and then play together.

It isn't long before the tots began slowly making progress maxing their peg box skill.

Some snuggles for the burritos before bedtime! Adilyn and Liam, lately, have been ignoring their hygiene a lot of the time (probably in protest that I've stopped them from woohooing in the shower together on more than one occasion so one of them can help the burritos/tots) so I sent them to shower before bed. Liam stayed up to put the tots to bed, so he went after Adilyn and broke the shower.

Aside from the dishwasher that's broken twice now, this is the first object to actually break on my family. Liam was exhausted and the shower was kind of my "final" straw.

I had been debating doing this for a while now, but Liam really needs to work towards his LTW to free up some space and earn enough LTHP for the age-freeze potion. Adilyn is rushing towards her Adult birthday in the next week, so I was hoping to have them both young and age-frozen before then.
Of course, me loving a romantic moment, I have decided they must do this together.
Add it to my list of unnecessary, necessary extra challenges.

So Liam takes a potent Invigorating potion and fixes the shower.
"I'm actually Mister Handy-Man in this story. Weird."
You're telling me...
In my story Liam was definitely not Mr. Fix-It. He was far too hot-headed for that, hahaha.

He began making more and more Vials of Bliss. This was interrupted though by burrito madness!

And of course Bastian was already awake by the time Liam finished tending to the burrito twins, so there goes Liam's attempt at a head start on his Alchemy LTW.

Because Liam was so on-top of everything, that gave Adilyn some free time to practice her magic.

The kiddo twins were soon up and making great strides in their baking! They both maxed the child cooking skill!

I accidentally exited out of Blaze's message, but I'm EQUALLY proud of both of these two!

Bentley finished the Peg Box skill and got to work on the Xylophone first, the other two triplets were still on the Peg Box.

Adilyn's garden is due to go dormant soon, but until then we're still enjoy the benefits from the harvest.

The kiddo twins, Brylee and Blaze, played some video games before the school bus came!

All the tots have made it to the xylophone! I'm feeling pretty good so far with this batch of kids!

I will never not think of that voice file when seeing someone interact with the bees in the Sims.

(sighs) Let me find my crowbar.

The kids went on a field trip today to the Bistro! This town is so fancy.

Blaze walked out with a souvenir and a LTW rolled to become a 5-Star Chef. I obliged it.

I'm starting to get the urge to attempt to complete all the kids LTWs too... Pls stahp me before I go THAT crazy...

Adilyn's wish panel is overflowing with too many big wishes, and the burritos become tots the next day so I need to clear something away. I figure they were $10k off their wish to be worth $300k, so I started to scrape around Liam and her inventory for every last penny.

Adilyn returned to her garden.

The kiddos got home and Blaze decided he wanted to prank the shower.

Brylee somehow stumbled upon a rare turtle worth $800+. I may not have a favorite child but that doesn't mean she's not trying her damnedest to wiggle her way in there.
I'm not complaining either!

I just knew the oldest twins would come to be my lifesavers as they got older!

Liam was busy trying to free up a wish slot for his wife!

Here's what we got. A lapis lazuli, a diamond, a rainbow gem, a topaz, and two gems I cannot remember off the top of my head. That brought them up 5k, but we needed another 5(ish)k for the wish! Thankfully, Liam still had metals to smelt, and with the glass-blowing station you can smelt metals at home!

The tots are still alive!

As are the kiddo twins.

Who I'm still struggling to get to befriend the toddlers.

Bedtime routine rolls around and I finally calculated that I had enough money from the smelted metals for:

The wish that would put Liam safely into the range to afford himself an age-freeze potion! You know what that means?

An invigorating elixir so his wife can stay up with him.

One paranoid writer of this story checking to be sure the kiddos made it safely to bed. Also killing time until it's after midnight.

One Young Again potion for Adilyn.

... and one for Liam.

Reverse birthday for Adilyn and a new hairstyle for her.

Reverse birthday for Liam and... a...


Then the final step:

Two age-frozen baby boomers.

The celebration and subsequent Liam sex-eyes.

They have the rest of the night after they tended to their burritos - who would be aging up that day!

Liam worked on his last elixirs and Adilyn...

... fell prey to a prank!

Let's watch the phases of prank-realization (all at a specific angle so one cannot see that I use a decensor mod):

Anyways, if you couldn't tell by Blaze's needs, the kiddos were starving when they woke up. Since they both already maxed the toy oven I let them have some pancakes from the fridge.

Adilyn and Liam were still going about their morning routines.

The burritos aged up today, the tots would be tomorrow, and the kiddos are the day after that. Time is flying!

It'll be so much quieter without 3 toddlers running around... it'll be strange!

Liam finally had enough potions. He would start with a potent invigorating elixir to keep his wife up for the subsequent full moon (you know, prime toddler skilling night). Here's pretty much the rest of them:

After the first 8 went through, they took a break, because well, today is the full moon, and both of them want a baby so...

Chimes! The next little bundle is on its way!

Back to the Alchemy for another round of 8 vials of bliss.

Burrito and tot break!

Bam. Bam. Bam.

49/50. I saved the last one for Liam.

One Potent Invigorating Elixir to help him survive the night.


Liam was so happy he cheered! Then he seemed to realize I was watching and shrugged.

If that ain't my Angry Alchemist hiding in there, then I don't know who else it could be.
I was so excited that I got his alchemy LTW completed that I completely forgot what time it was...

To quote Varric from Dragon Age...

Well, shit.

I went from 0 freak-outs to 2 sims fainting, and two sims peeing themselves. Luckily no one saw Adilyn pee herself upstairs and Bastian wears a diaper that Brylee easily changed.

All the while this is going on, Brylee is completely unaffected. Ladies and Gentlemen, I do have a favorite now.

Well at least Bastian now knows his brother isn't all that scary after all! It makes NO sense to me why all of these people freaked out, though. Adilyn is married to a Werewolf and out of their 7 children they have... FIVE of them are Werewolves. Then the rest of those who reacted WERE Werewolves... Werewolf CHILDREN no less. The only people I GUESS I can feasibly understand being shocked would be Adilyn and Brylee, as they're witches... even though I could argue Adilyn should know better... and Brylee is over here just in her happy little bubble! Who knew?

Also she found this Pygmy Hedgehog outside the school worth a freaking lot of money due to it's rare-ness. Favoritism is well-earned here.
Next up:

Tot birthdays for the burritos! (Happy Squees)


  1. That's hilarious that the other werewolves were all "Yikes, a werewolf!" LOL Brylee certainly is proving herself useful, isn't she?

    1. Hahaha! I know! At first I was appalled, then I was angry, then I finally just laughed it off. Sims are Sims, and they do simmy things. Brylee, though, is a special child. <3
      I'm secretly dreading the day she'll move out, but also excited for her to fly off on her own. I don't think she'll want to go without her brother, though, so she may be around longer than I think (if I am serious about doing all the LTWs too).

  2. Totally agree with your reasoning about having more than 8 in the house - I'm doing something similar myself, though with autonomous TFB, I'm allowing the sims to decide when it's next time to have children ;)

    Dayum, Brylee is certainly proving to be a BAMF even as a child. Cannot wait until she ages up into gorgeousness. And the new toddlers, yay!

    1. It just didn't seem quite fair that I would have to wait 31 days for a child to go from burrito to adult to move out and make more when others would have much less time. Besides, I would argue it MORE challenging juggling so many sims in a household; whereas in the waiting game the worst I have to do is wait and drop all the time in the world on 6 children. Piece of cake, really.

      Hilariously, Liam and Adilyn seem fully on board with my schedule. The day the triplets were due to age up to Toddlers was a day I needed to try for baby and Adilyn was already rushing Liam autonomously with "risky" woohoo (which they usually only ever do regular woohoo, so I was rolling with laughter like YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS DON'T YOU?).

      Brylee EARNED her spot as my favorite. She's such a gorgeous teen too. She and Blaze totally lucked out in being a solid good mixture of the two parents (normally it tends to be all or nothing, I've found). BAMF indeed, though. Ack it feels like time is flying so fast but I'm on normal lifespan (and that used to feel SO SLOW to me!) funny how gameplay changes as we do!