11 - Snowday

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Child.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Child.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Child.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Toddler.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Toddler.

Right-o here we go.


Bethany and Bastian get a shot at making their own breakfast.

Liam is reading Alchemy recipe books because he had them in his inventory, so why not?

Though he does take a break to go wake up little Belle and get her ready for the day!

I love Adilyn's face. She's got such pretty skin and freckles and eyes and everything. ❤
So it's Sunday, and I'm zooming around town. Winter has more than come and brought friends with it. Snow is falling continuously which looks weird as all crap in this tropical town but shhhh, no one needs to know that I desired to have every holiday for the kiddos...
I decided I want to put a big dent in Brylee's LTW since it's pretty easy, but animals didn't seem to be spawning very much... I used the collection helper and it showed me that the Alchemy shop had eaten them all.

They were all stuck in the fencing!
So I got rid of the fencing.

And awaayyyyy she goes!
Weekends are for wish-fulfillment. I'm kind of eager to get these kids back into school so I can take a breath and gather some semblance of a good, proper routine.

One wish for Werewolf Transformation by Bentley: check.

One wish for Werewolf Transformation by Bethany: check.

One wish to become best friends with Blaze for Bastian: check.

One wish to become best friends with Bastian for Blaze: check.

One wish to interact with Liam for Bethany: check.

Small critter.

(Mission impossible theme)

Small critter.
Writer pause.
Writer check.

Writer prays Brylee doesn't DROP the next small critter.

Writer holds breath.

Much success!
Weirdness aside, today is Brylee and Blaze's teen birthday! Everyone grab your party gear, cause we're... not celebrating. No celebrations for ANYONE.

Tots be a-training. They're working towards maxing the Peg Box.

Blaze is learning to garden and Liam is picking up another Elixir recipe.

One quick check says all we're missing is the Tragic Clown potion.

One wish to give Blaze a gift from Bastian: check.

One mutual wish by every single sim in the household to have holiday lights: check.

Play with turtle wish: check.

Play with lizard wish: check.

Play with snake wish: check.

Increase painting skill for Bastian: check.
Is this boring for you now? I wouldn't blame you, lol.

Interact with Liam wish: check.
Everyone has been wishing to pile up on Liam, I find it amusing. Every single hour of the day, "talk to Liam" "chat with Liam" "get attention from Dad." Poor Adilyn doesn't get much in terms of wishes save for wishes I seldom desire to grant (like "win a game against Adilyn" sucks because I have to stop everyone from what they're doing and FIND a game to play).

I attempted an adorable game of Peek-A-Boo between Brylee and Benny, only to realize that it only moved their relationship bar up a minuscule sliver which made me go "bah" and forget about trying to befriend that way.

Bethany and Bastian are very into painting, while the last of the triplets, Bentley prefers writing.

He's writing a Sci-Fi novel now, though if I can break away one of the kiddos from the easels I'll have him go there so he can start writing comic books. That seems more up his alley.

Peek-a-boo is adorable, even if it doesn't do squat for their relationship. I wish it did more!

He'd secretly love it - getting overrun by his own little pack of tiny children.
With my first set of twins aging to teen I knew I had to get the teen bedroom finally ready and finish up the furnishing on the second floor. Gone is the spare skill room for Liam's smelting machine.

We're all set to go now!
I'm still in denial about adding a third floor...

Brylee and Blaze sit down to a game of chess together on their last day as children.

Then comes the manic rush for dinnertime.

Followed by everyone piling around the TV for some family time before bed. Liam is over at his Alchemy station learning some more recipes from the station itself. So he's not very far.

After a few hours, it's time.

In order of birth, Blaze goes first.

And he gains the Ambitious trait.

The AMBITIOUS couch potato.
Ok game.
His lifetime wish was decided as a child after a field trip to the Bistro that he wanted to be a Five-Star Chef.

He's SUPER cute!

And he pulls a Liam face right off the bat!
Brylee was next!

She aged up well and gained the Sailor trait. Not sure what she'll do with that. I'm glad her Zoology LTW has already been fulfilled.

Here she is with her makeover:

Her nose seems a bit small for her face, but I'm hoping she'll grow into it.

The first set of Messorem children have hit their teens. (Gasps) I can't believe it.

Shortly after it was time for everyone to file into bed.

Brylee picked the top bunk, and Blaze didn't care, so he settled on the bottom.

The new babe/babes would be due tomorrow. I'm so excited!

Daddy Liam puts the tots down to sleep before crawling into bed next to his wife. Life is good.
Monday morning dawns. I caught Brylee about to go outside but she wished to hang out with Blaze - and he was right there so...

So she's in her outerwear while Blaze is in his PJs, nothing weird there! They both wished to be Best Friends Forever, so freaking cute.

These two have done everything together since birth, so no shock they were both excited and up for the task of being Best Friends Forever.

Adilyn has reached peak whale status.

She and Liam make such good parents. I feel like I got really lucky for this challenge.

The triplet children all bake their own breakfasts. I will ENSURE these babes are productive members of society!

Seeing as Blaze's lifetime wish is for the Culinary career, he'll be getting a part time job as a waitor and working on his cooking skill at home. I may not be able to see him all the way to his lifetime wish (doesn't mean I'm not tempted to try though), but I want him to be prepared for his life!

Brylee on the other hand is kind of a drifter. Her LTW is completed, so she's just hanging out with no real dedication to any sort of skills. Adilyn broke the shower this morning though, so Brylee decided to be helpful and fix the shower.

Breakfast resumes as the rest of the kids come trickling in. I was fully prepared to send them on their way to school that day and gather my bearings.

7:00am rolls around and...

Game: lol you wanted a breather?
That's fine! I can roll with this! More time for wishing/skilling.

Bentley is thrilled by the endeavor of a snow day and enjoys time on his rocking horse.

Bastian wished to build a snowman!
it doesn't have to be a snowman...
NO STOP I don't want to get that song stuck in my head.

Liam... Liam I don't think that's... the best way to...
Liam: "Shh, I have 7 kids already. I'm clearly the expert on how to feel a baby."

He's thrilled every time. It's cute!

The fourth pregnancy of the Messorem baby boom!

And these two are still insanely in love.

Blaze went to go buy out the Diner and then apply for a job there. Hard for them to turn down the owner's son when he asks for a job!
I certainly would've reconsidered a couch potato employee... but honestly Blaze is just a quiet, hard-working boy.

Brylee decides to have a snowball fight with the triplets.
Note the poor newspaper girl in the background - she's not getting paid enough to be wandering in the snow in that outfit...
Also I apologize. I did their everyday wear and sleepwear, but I didn't touch their outerwear. Bastian is the only one who looks some semblance of good.
Well and Brylee, because I actually did design hers.

Brylee is creepily glitched right now to where her mouth is stuck shut but she still can be heard talking and making noise. That's not a bad omen at all.

Liam and Adilyn decide to practice for pregnancy number 5 while still heavily pregnant with number 4.

Blaze came home to read up on a new recipe. He got so excited he wanted to try it out.

Bethany rolled a wish to make an Elixir, so I obliged.
Normally I'd be hesitent to throw kids at all kinds of chemicals and what not, but hey, they're the Angry Alchemist's children after all! It's in their blood!

Adilyn went to go paint but Liam stopped her for round 2 of practice for pregnancy number 5.

But alas, twas not meant to be.

Her hands were firmly on the outside of her dress, so I thought "darnit, for sure that means one baby" but...

Meet Brielle; a Loves the Cold, Loves the Heat witchy girl!

And her twin sister:

Briony; a genius, perceptive witchy girl, too!

All my babes seem to exit the womb starving, so Liam jumped on the burrito train to help.

That makes 9 children; 4 boys and 5 girls!


Well at least he didn't wish for it back right away this time.

So Bethany is in love with transforming into a werewolf and she immediately rolls the LTW "Leader of the Pack" and I oblige it. I may actually be able to complete that one!

Brylee has tentatively latched onto logic as a study focus as of right now. I'm not complaining so long as she has something to do that keeps her out of trouble and out of my hair.

Bentley never changes out of his pyjamas, which why would you if you're at home on a snow day? Bethany joins him at the table so she can work on homework as he works on writing his soon-to-be-best-selling novel!

Bastian has taken to painting and I love him for it. Keeps him quiet and satisfied and his fun bar never drops. Thank the maker for that.

Blaze is rolling wishes for his baby siblings and I find it adorable. Here he is chatting with Benny. I'm so grateful to have teens in the house now!

Adilyn signs up ALL the kids for Study Club. Tomorrow is Snowflake day so maybe if I'm ballsy enough I can throw a gift-giving party.
In the meantime, that's all I got for you!

Boys: 4/12 - Blaze, Bastian, Bentley, Benny.
Girls: 5/12 - Brylee, Bethany, Belle, Brielle, Briony.
Game Week: 4, Day: 2. 
Finishing off with 2 YA, 2 Teens, 3 Children, 2 Toddlers, and 2 Burritos.
Livvielove over and out.


  1. Really, peek-a-boo doesn't do anything for your sims' relationships? Mine shoot up straight away, though the social bar barely moves. That's so annoying! Love all the kiddie interactions, especially the snowball fights, they are a great way to socialise the kids.

    The teens are gorgeous, good job Liam and Adilyn!

    1. Yes I was surprised too! I remember Peek-a-boo doing wonderous things in other saves, but not this one. I wonder if that Baby/Toddler/Child mod affects it at all? Either way it's still cute, just not as rewarding as I hoped it might be.

      I'm still loving this family though, all the kids are gorgeous! I'm so excited to see how the rest of them grow and change!