12 - The Gift Giving Party

Household Status:
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Teen.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Teen.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Child.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Toddler.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Burrito.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Burrito.

So it's Snowflake Day!
(Confetti flies through the air)
Every single one of my Sims are filled with "holiday" cheer and pumped for this day!

Ok so some are more singed than others. I really shouldn't let Brylee at the potions table. I love her to death but this woman is just not cut out for potions. This is the fourth time she's been singed. She has level 4 in the logic skill too, but she's not learned a single potion.
Sometimes you can persevere and overcome life... sometimes life has to have a sit-down-come-to-Jesus with you and singe you to all hell four times before you stop attempting something.

Adilyn casts a good luck charm on Liam (sucks in a breath) yeah, Holidays. I don't blame either of them for needing all the extra luck they can get.
Especially because they're throwing the first party of the Messorem file.

OK so I lied, it's the night before Snowflake day. The tots always get fed in the morning by daddy Liam or mommy Adilyn, so... NOW that I'm no longer time-confused... TOMORROW is Snowflake day, but that doesn't change much of anything above, just the fact that my brain is a little odd today. I'M ROLLIN' WITH IT.

Brylee needed something else to do with her time, so she signed up for a job as a Candy Striper (Medical field). Hilariously I was going to have Blaze start work at the Diner as a Waitor and just have Brylee stay home because her LTW was already complete, but SHE was the one to wish for a part-time job, so wish GRANTED. Put that painfully earned logic to use!

Adilyn rushes her oldest daughter and smothers her.

The kids alternate chores, tonight is Bethany's turn to do the dishes... not that it's hard with a dishwasher, but still.

I paused my game because I really had to admire the little details of this game - like how she has to put her leg onto the dishwasher to lean into it. I get really upset with EA sometimes for how poorly they take care of their games, and this is actually a huge reason why. It seems counter-intuitive, but when I see such beautiful, small mechanics like this it makes me sad to think that EA doesn't put enough pride in their games to actually polish them to their full potential. The Sims 3, despite it being my favorite of the series thus far and probably always will be, was left unoptimized and riddled with bugs in favor of the Sims 4, where they've diced up the content and charge the same amount for less. It depressing sometimes.
Hilariously I took this picture because I wanted to gush over how small and detailed and wonderful it was and now it's turned into a nostalgically depressed rant over the state of EA.

Bethany stalks her prey.
Daddy wishes are still flying.

She needed to tell him a story.
She's pretty darn cute, that's the story. THE END!

Brylee once again to the rescue while Daddy Liam is busy being ambushed by his pups.

Adilyn got ambushed as soon as Benny and Belle were put down for the night.

Brylee complimented her brother's fur for the brief moment he was a werewolf. He then changed back and they chatted before going to bed.

The Burritos got one more snuggle up before Adilyn and Liam also went to sleep.

The kids were all up bright and early the next day (as most kids ALWAYS are before holidays).

Also note that ALL of them are SO appropriately dressed for the weather, stumbling out in their everyday-wear shorts and crop-tops.

GEE wonder WHO they could've possibly inherited THAT concept from? Probably not Liam...

Bastian and Blaze chat, gossip and tell stories.

Bentley makes me regret only giving him a t-shirt for his everyday wear.

I KNEW this would only end in tears!
Granted, it does feel pretty realistic given how children with older siblings tend to be. Not like I would know anything about that...
*is the baby with two older brothers who picked on her mercilessly as a child*

Bentley: (takes deep breath in) I must make-

(falls backwards into snow)
*poof of snow*
Bentley: ALL the snow angels!

So I left Blaze alone and he went back to sleep, despite having nearly full energy, but he's a Couch Potato so no surprise there, I guess... but when I woke him up...


(clutches chest) oh god I knew you were my baby's child.
Likely no one reading this knew my Liam from before, but he made these faces like 99% of the time. He was always scowling or angsty and like BAM. If there was ever proof that this boy is his, it's right there.
Spoiler Alert: The Mood Swing makes Blaze act like this all day, so I'll probably gush about him more in the future.

Bastian loves his painting. He's not yet rolled a LTW, but I think I'm going to try to get him a camera and hope for the Visionary LTW to strike him.
Bentley, though it didn't happen RIGHT this moment in the file, rolled the LTW to master Painting and Writing, which was ironic because I wanted him to learn painting (he had not already) so he could write Comic books. WELL guess I guessed right when I figured that would be a better fit than Sci-Fi.
So that means that everyone except Bastian have selected their LTWs. Blaze is 5-Star Chef; Brylee, as everyone knows, has completed Zoologist; Bentley is Illustrious Author; and Bethany is Leader of the Pack (the Werewolf LTW).

Blaze: *stomps on snow angels*
Well aren't you just a bundle of cheer and good will on this Snowflake Day?
Bentley: *somewhere in the house* (clutches chest suddenly) MY SNOW ANGEL SENSES ARE TINGLING. MUST MAKE 10 MORE.
NO THANKS KIDDO, You almost froze last time.

So I had been ignoring the "practice hunting" interaction for the Werewolves because it seemed useless - they just scratch on the ground a few times and nothing happens, or so I thought. I hit it once by accident when Bethany was in Werewolf form in her bedroom and she turned up a BUG! So I sent her outside to see if she might catch anything else and to prep her for her teenage birthday coming soon.
Once she and her brothers are old enough they'll pack hunt together for her LTW - maybe if she's lucky enough she can convince Blaze to get off his lazy bum and join them, but I'm not going to push it.
At least, not after the first time... heh.

3 day winters mean a depressingly short lifespan for Snowmen.

The tots are up and happy! They both maxed both the Peg Box and the Xylophone!

Writing Bentley's Sci-Fi novel is taking forever. I can't wait until he's done with it so we can just spam comic books.

Blaze has taken to moping on the couch. Wallowing in all of his teenaged teen-ness.

I'm sorry that's probably a horrible joke.
No going back though. I'm committed to it.

Another ambush! RUN, LIAM! RU-

Oh he seems content. That's fine. BRING ON THE PUPS TO DOG PILE HIM.

They don't seem to realize they have a party incoming... even though Liam was the one who called and threw it himself.

No, honey! No!

Does life need to have another come-to-Jesus with you?
I'm pretty sure if you could die from this table, Brylee would've already died 4 times.
No she's still not discovered a single potion.

Baby hugs, baby hugs, baby hugs!!! 🖤🖤🖤

Oh gods, let the games begin.

Guests: *arrive and make a mad-dash for the nursery*
Livvie: *forgot to lock the nursery* OH GOD NO. PLEASE NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Livvie: *sends in backup to try to pull people out of the nursery* NO GOD IT'S NOT WORKING. NO GOD THEY'RE ALL STUCK IN THERE. MY BURRITOS. MY SCHEDULE. MY ROUTINES. NO GOD NOOOOOOO.
(phone ringing)
Livvie: *wailing sounds*
Friend: Livvie we can hear you all the way in Canada. Calm your tits.

Sorry I did warn that I was in a weird mood today.
Well once I was done weeping and mourning the loss of all that I hold dear, I actually took a look at the teens I had Liam invite.
Yes I'm playing matchmaker.
Yes I realize I'm already drowning in kids as it is, who needs to add more?
Me. I do.
I need this.

This teen lady heart-farted with Blaze. She's not CONVENTIONALLY pretty but she's super growing on me, mostly because she reminds me of Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon with that hair. A+. Would hair again.

I invited a few boys, but I don't think I looked too hard at this one. I remembered there was one with cool hair I wanted to see if Brylee would like, but she found this boy instead and heart-farted him. I'm not bothering with names because 1) I cannot remember them very honestly (lol) and 2) we've got enough names going on here to have to ask you to remember even more.

Not bad though!
I did give them both makeovers because boredom. So sue me.

REGAN! Woo there we go. We have a name. No I don't expect you to remember it.
Wouldn't that be awful if I just popped up 10 chapters from now like
Ya'll would be like "Blaze? Who dat?"

HAHAHA so the story behind this picture is Liam had been trying (3 times) to woohoo with Adilyn. This time had gone through but he got stuck in the doorway. This is the face of a man who is watching his chances of getting laid today disintegrate before his very eyes.

Heart-fart. TOLDYA. Adilyn is over here like YES my baby is going to have babies one day. Liam is still pouting about the minutes passing as he's stuck in that doorway by a guy who is creepily chatting up his child-daughter.

Both Brylee and Blaze wanted to be best friends with their respective heart-fart company, so daddy Liam was pick-pocketed by their writer so they could both make friends.
Also say hi to Bentley who I had ignored all through that chaos and instead of causing me trouble he just quietly plays video games on the floor because the evil writer moved the couch for this insane party she shouldn't have thrown in the first place.

Brylee being one of the only people to break free from the nursery of hell calls everyone to open gifts. This causes the nursery to slowly deflate of people and...

Livvie: *snorts* you got some priorities I see.

Benny and Belle cannot participate, so they entertain themselves. CUTE.

I took way more pictures of the gift giving party than is godly necessary. I also have insane amounts of screencaps of WHAT was received so... YEAH, hang in there.

Don't be fooled by this picture, you may think I'm paused and Liam is mid-walk, but no - Liam is just naturally talented enough to stand, frozen, mid-step and watch the gift-giving party commence.
Maybe he's born with it...
Maybe it's maybeline a glitch.

Bentley gets an oven, which I mean, not a bad gift for a child. You're not doing so bad here, EA.

Bethany went next.

Dang, this game is doing pretty good for kids gifts at least.

Of course the twins Brylee and Blaze sat next to each other. Can't do anything without each other!

Blaze was up next!

He's pleased!

HO! As he should be! Dang son, a video game system? Noice!

SO this was the guy I initially saw and wanted to see if Brylee was compatible with! But he musta done something stupid because everyone wanted to tell him to behave in that moment... and he snuck over when Blaze was getting his present and stole his seat and I could just feel the creepy stalker vibes on him then as he looked at Brylee.

Brylee stood up immediately to get a gift and rolled a wish.

Kiss the boy who ISN'T the creeper who took her brother's seat. Wise idea, Brylee.
Avoid pretty boy at all costs. He feels stalkerish to me.

Gift time!

HAHAHAHAHA! Something tells me she didn't get what she wanted! I can't BREATHE! That FACE!

For those of you at home who don't know what this is:

I actually think it's kind of cute... unless this is some kind of horrifically embarrassing euphemism again.
*snorts* oh god it very well could be.

Brylee's face is adorable. She's a perfect mix of her parents.

Definitely still my favorite. Hard not to be.

Future boyfriend material gets his gift.

He seems pleased.

Liam is still mid-stride, why? Because he's fab.

LOOK at this pretty boy's face! Ugh I love this face so much, and he looks so happy.

It's like Blaze was born and sucked up ALL of Liam's angst. It's glorious. He was glaring the whole time. At who you ask?

The creeper punk sitting next to his twin.

Regan got her gift and seems happy about it. I hope we see her around some more. Blaze wished to make her his BFF.

LIAM'S TURN! I'm over here like BOY what are you looking at with 'dem eyes?

Why, his wife, of course!
*melts into puddle of goo*

She's stuck on toddler watch duty, I think. The tots never really leave her side much. Similar to real life, I would argue.

*Eye-contact intensifies*

Well, I never knew he always wanted a plant...

Pretty Adilyn gets her gift and makes goo-eyes at Liam. If he got her this gift then A+. She does still try to paint... well when Liam isn't sabotaging her attempts in order to take her to the nearest woohoo location.

Bentley went again and got a stuffed animal? But Bastian hasn't gone yet...

Bethany ALSO went a second time!

...and Blaze, who was making eyes at his twin like "you didn't did youuuu?"

Oh she did. A second game system. Well then.

Finally Brylee gets a gift that doesn't make her scowl horrifically and she cheers.

Oh baby... no... a lamp?
Poor baby. I guess she wins my favoritism, so there's that.
Poor Bastian got nothing.

The burrito twins were getting hungry so I sent Blaze over to take care of them since he'd already scored two game systems.

Ahh, there's that familiar upset face! Looks like Liam didn't get so lucky this second time around!

(Jupiter was Liam's adoptive little brother, there to give as much shit to Liam as Liam gave to him).
Pls tell me I have that picture... I DO.
Black and white but all the better!

Sorry, slipped and fell down memory lane.
*closes out of tabs with wistful sigh*

The party wound down, and no, Bastian never got his gift. :(

Chaos gripped the house once again.
I promise we're almost to the end! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is this update! I had 170 images... lol.

I do secretly love that nobody bats an eye at Bethany who is going ham on her pie.

BUTT up, face down. Best way to eat in my opinion.

The living room is returned to normal.

Bethany's sweet little howl. I had her change back to a human after. Sleep is best done as a human!

The creep stayed outside the house.


Blaze to the rescue!
I love these teens so much!

Benny is so cute! I love how confused he looks, then slightly saddened, then overjoyed like OH!

Spring has arrived for the next three days.

Creeper McGee is still here.

Everyone say it with me now... oh Brylee... honey no!
She's like a moth and the potion table is like a flame.

He's still here...


He PEED himself on their porch. Liam is losing his patience with this boy!
Anyways, I think we finally got him to leave. Just needed to sic the pack on him. Hehe... I'll go ahead and end this already too-long update here. Thanks for sticking with me... oh and for dealing with me. I'm in a weird state of mind today.
I apologize in advance, unless you found it as hilarious as I did, in which case, hoorah!

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  1. Totally hilarious, do not apologise for the million screenies! I love gift giving parties, always good fun to see what presents EA coded - and you get free stuff, double win!

    Good idea on scoping out the matchmaking options, I should get onto that.