13 - Praying to the Sim Gods

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Teen.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Teen.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Child.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Toddler.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Burrito.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Burrito.

The bus appears for the kiddos to file out to school the day after Snowflake Day.

Does this picture even surprise you? At least he's wearing a shirt, lol!

These tots are just so cute! I can't wait to see them all grown up together. They're best friends now!

So I went through and I checked all the kids to see who had done it, and none of them had! I think that's why they were trying to tell that one stalker, creeper-McGee in the last chapter to behave! He probably planted a PRANK! How DARE he!
So anyways, these next few days were a mess in my file, I apologize for that. Lots of reloading, crashing, fumbling happened. I think I got it sorted though.
The meaning behind this is I didn't take many pictures during the day while the kiddos were at school, so here they are back home:

Blaze already is causing mischief, I can sense it in the look on his face.

He immediately acts innocent and goes to do his homework on the couch. Mhm...

Adilyn tended to the burritos while Liam was out hunting for gems and metals.

Blaze has been a huge help with the tots, and he's actually (somehow without my knowledge) made best friends with both of them. This is pretty crazy considering I micromanage like it's my only purpose in this world.

Bastian had an opportunity to drop off permission slips for school performance. Given they only have 3 days at school because of snow days and holidays, I take whatever I can get.

It's Spring for the next three days, which means it's back to perpetual rain. Oh, and look, a brief moment in which the garden dethawed before refrosting again.

Liam was out extremely late on the hunt. I was determined to make some big strides in the funds - I also wanted to get Liam leveled a bit more for when Bethany would come of age and want to hunt as a pack.

Back at home Adilyn got the kids some supper with Blaze and Brylee's help.

And the kids went back to skilling.

Liam and Blaze decided to spend some time together when Liam finally stumbled home.

Liam is so good with his kids. I believe in this picture he was autonomously saying "Good Job" to Blaze for something. I looked at it and it was pretty darn cute.

Overall, Liam and Adilyn have raised some really good kids. Blaze and Brylee are both doing well at school and work (working as a Waitor and a Candy-Striper respectively); the triplets are all managing good grades despite the constant time off; the tots are already skilled and practically best friends with everyone in the house; and they've got two great burritos whom I can't wait to see age up!

Liam put his kids to bed and went back out on the hunt to provide for them while Adilyn waited up for her husband by painting.

After several good hunts over the night, I sent Liam to the Elixir Store to cut some gems. They have a gem cutter at home, but it was 1am and I figured it was a lot easier to annoy a worker of a store open 24/7 rather than waking all of Liam's precious children.

Liam also got lucky and struck some Tiberium which I'm eagerly awaiting to grow out into big spires so I can knock some of these massive money wishes out of Adilyn and Liam's wish slots (for now, a new one ALWAYS seems to spawn though).

I got a bit distracted and forgot to check in on the kids as 3 and 4am rolled around, so I came back to find most of them had depleted through the queue of morning routines I set up for each of them.

Why, Brylee? Why?!

A morning routine can't possibly be complete without a broken something.

But the kids are all still alive, in the green, and wishes have been fulfilled. Blaze and Brylee help wake up the Tots and get them ready for the day.

Then everyone settles in for some TV bonding time before school.

I have a solid routine going now, and with all the kids getting older things are getting both easier and harder. I'm paused a lot of the time because I want all of the kids to have wishes fulfilled and their needs are always in the green.

Liam finally came out of his furry stupor... just in time for that special realization that tonight was a full moon.

When the first round didn't work, it was time to keep calling in all the extra bells and whistles.

It was around this point I got nervous and checked her with NRAAS and apparently she DID get pregnant, chimes just didn't go off. Perhaps that's against the rules, but... I'm a little too compulsive about things and after establishing a pattern I would just die if it got messed up already.

The lovebirds stole some late breakfast together before tending to their lives.

Liam got burrito duty, as usual.

Adilyn got clean-up duty. Normally I have the kids make their own beds, but like I said I wasn't paying much attention to when the kids woke up that morning so they ended up losing that portion of their routine. This is fine by me, but it just means Adilyn does the bed-making for the day.

I locked Liam in the bathroom momentarily to have him turn into a werewolf. I would not have a repeat of everyone fainting/peeing themselves uselessly again!
Ok so the full moon is happening and here's where things sort of went to hell in a handbasket for me. I had 3 crashes in the same night, mostly because I angered the Sim gods and did not follow through with my promises.
(Haven't you ever reasoned with the Sim gods? 'oh please unfreeze for me, sim-gods, and I promise I'll reset the whole town and save properly!' Then when you don't they wreck havoc on your game and your life and your emotional state-of-being? No? Just me?)
Long story short, it's a full moon. Liam always got stuff back from the Elixir Store (a big chunk of change somewhere along the way), Adilyn would teach Blaze how to drive. Liam would teach Brylee how to drive; the burritos would become toddlers, I would give them makeovers (and there was a point that that resulted in a crash -cries-); they would get some training and either Adilyn or Liam would get back from teaching their teen how to drive and the other would step to go out with THAT teen and try to teach them how to drive when BAM, crash again.
Ahem, so long story short... My last stable save was before the full moon started, at 2:50pm that day. The teenagers were outside of the house; Adilyn and Liam were taking care of the tots and burritos; the kids were still in school for 10 more minutes before flipping to their Study Club.
So for this winning save that would get me through the Full Moon night, I started by waiting until 3 exactly and resetting the whole town.

Hi guys! Welcome to everyone suddenly being teleported into the entryway! So it's 3pm and resetting everything kind of sucks, but here we are. Blaze and Brylee don't work tonight, thankfully, and the kids will miss out on Study Club, but that's actually fine because the next day (which was a Friday) is Love Day, which means they would've missed school anyways, and they age up in 2 days! Yikes! Thankfully their grades are in decent enough shape!
First order of business - I have 4 werewolves who need to find a safe place to transform before 6pm rolls around.

Bentley found himself in his parent's bedroom.

Blaze excused himself outside.

Bastian locked himself in the bathroom.

Bethany got herself a hug first from daddy Liam (whose children never stop rolling wishes for him).

Then Bethany found herself on the secluded porch.


The tots occupied themselves adorably.

Liam and Brylee set off to learn how to drive, and Bethany went about clinging to her parents.

Adilyn took care of the burritos.

Liam made an EXCELLENT haul on his gems and metals he sold.

Blaze is still my little chef.

Bastian is always happy to have fresh, good food he can SHOVE INTO HIS FACE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

These two both love green-shirted dollies they can bite the heads off of.
Well, at least, Benny does. And he's not the werewolf of the two... (snorts)

The household occupies itself as best as it can as the full moon rises.

Of course that does mean some occasional howling... but finally... Birthdays!
Brielle went first!

Then Briony!

Eeeeep! They're so cute!
For recap's sake, Brielle was born first and she's a Loves the Cold, Loves the Heat baby!
Briony was second, and she's a Perceptive Genius!

Adilyn worshipped the porcelain throne again.

And Brylee had success! Liam somehow came home in... this?

Which is apparently like doing a mating dance because that sent Adilyn running.

When she was SUPPOSED to be teaching Blaze how to drive.

Brylee. Is. So. Gorgeous. UGH. I can't even be sometimes when she does things.

Awwwww, shit! Pardon my language, but that's just cute! CUTE! CUUUUTE!
So I ship Adilyn out with Blaze and what happens? Hell breaks loose on Liam for some ungodly reason (snorts).

So that's the Brooding trait at work, me thinks, but I don't know WHY it does this. Just that it does. So Brylee comes over to assist her father.

AND HE autonomously praises her and I gush and die inside because of how wonderful this family is.

Liam works on training Brielle. Eep! SO cute!

Briony was next.

Blaze had just finished learning how to drive at this point. Things are a little crazy so pictures are minimum. Liam had a wish to teach Briony how to talk.

Brielle has been potty trained, Briony learned to talk.

I snorted because Dyno and Frances had a baby.
And those names are just weird to me. Especially in pairing. Together. Kenyatta, Dyno, and Frances. I have nothing against the names... it's just all of them... together. (snorts) I giggle. That's all.

Liam moved on to teaching Briony how to walk shortly after, as Adilyn got to work teaching Brielle how to walk.

The kids were all waking up (mostly groggy and not really well-rested due to the fact that it was a full moon and they're werewolves but I wasn't going to monitor them all for the whole night so I shoved them into bed and told them to sleep. Thus I was doing rounds and:

REALLY Brylee?! Are we GOING to play with this fire again?! BAH!

So rookie Brylee was left to take care of the older tot-twins, Benny and Belle. Unfortunately this means she got Belle out of her crib and fed her right in front of Benny's crib, so she could not access Benny. Benny began to get hungry, and thus crabby, so now you see him throwing a fit.
Rookie mistake.

Liam finished up with Briony and moved on to teaching Brielle how to talk!

While Adilyn finished potty training Brielle after that.
With that, the oldest twins can drive, and the youngest twins are all tot skilled out!

I apologize for the sporadic pictures in this section. I had a lot going on, and picture taking took a back seat. So some kiddos got more screentime than others. I try to be fair across the board, as there really isn't much favoritism going on (despite me joking about it); I just get hectic and suddenly Brielle already learned to walk and I didn't get many pictures of it... it's all a mess.

Then on top of it all!

The many phases of learning your wife is pregnant for the fifth time with your 10th child.
It's love day today, which means I'm shoving everything aside and giving Liam and Adilyn an actual date.
Yes, you heard me... a date. A REAL DATE.

Brylee was at home planning on catching herself on fire (most likely, according to her wishes and her track record I'm probably not far off).

Bethany is painting, and Brielle is getting her bottle.

And THAT'S the last of the pictures I had in my screenshot folder! Sorry for the random sparseness of this!

Anyways, next up is Liam and Adilyn's date, then it's Benny and Belle's birthday on Love Day, then the triplets will become teens on the day after Love Day... so life is crazy, but also pretty sweet. Oh, and the day after THAT is the day Adilyn goes into labor again.


  1. I've just had the tenth child in game, and all I will say is that my gender balance is not nearly as good as yours *jealous* And they're all so gorgeous! I especially love the dark hair/blue eyes combo, such a sucker for that.

    Do you use any kind of time-lengthening mod, such as nraas Relativity? Your sims seem to have *so* much more time to do stuff. Then again, they were awake at 4am, so maybe just early nights/early starts?

    1. I discovered it IS actually my story progression. This may technically be cheating, but I guess I didn't realize I had it set to the pregnancies being "balanced." I think for now I'm going to leave it as is, but if I play this challenge again I'll change it to "random" to be more "fair." As of right now I don't like messing with settings mid-challenge.

      Hee, I love the blue eyes-black hair combo too! I've always loved light eyes with dark hair, which is why I adore Liam's eye color. I'm kind of sad we've not yet had blue-haired, green-eyed children!

      As for time lengthening mods, no. I WISH I could figure out how to use relativity by NRaas but I'm just not at that level of understanding, lol! I DO however have a mod that makes all beds gain at the same rate (which can be adjusted, and is at a mid-to-slightly-high range for all beds. I do this because I hate how there's so few beds that actually GO with certain styles and the few that do are crap quality. This: http://modthesims.info/d/413329 is the one I use. It works great! You can adjust it and it works for even CC beds!

      As for everything else, it's really all my routine. The kids (all of them) go to bed between 9-10pm (favoring 10, usually, so like 9:30+). Then after I've ORDERED them to go to bed (because if I don't and they do it autonomously the action can be canceled when I go to set up their morning routines), I'll set up their morning routines, which is to use an All-In-One Bathroom; change their clothes to be their everyday wear (as All-In-Ones are faster, and don't interrupt tabcasts, but they don't change clothing after you're done), play a social game on their tablet, and get something to eat out of the Fridge. If they're a child, the last one is replaced with "make..." from the child oven up until they max the child cooking skill. After I set that up for all of them, I wait until they all wake up and meander to the bathrooms around the same times and then I queue them all up to make their beds when that's all done, and from there I focus on wishes only. They usually wake up between 3-4am, so given how fast everything is, they're usually done with their "morning routines" by 5:30am-6am so they can spend the last 2 hours doing wish-fulfilling or skilling.

      Their afternoon routines vary by day, because it depends on if they have study club or not. My teens usually have a tighter schedule because I have them working as well as going to school and in after school activities. But I use the tablet for them to do their homework on because it sucks less fun out of it and then I have them eat dinner and then it's freetime until 9-10pm... aka the cycle works pretty well!
      I pause my game A LOT and I have a LOT of mods and CC. My game sits in a constant state of pause until I'm on it and focused. I also live in windowed mode for my game so I'm easily able to switch and write/be on Boolprop as I play, but I play slower this way and take a lot of screenshots, lol!

      Thank you for always giving me feedback. I love reading other booms and I wish I could move as fast as some of the others attempting this challenge. Lol I'm over here on baby 9 with baby 10 (and maybe more?) on the way. I'm just too much of a control freak sometimes for my own good, lol!