14 - A Fiery Love Date

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Teen.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Teen.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Child.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Child.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Toddler.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Toddler.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Toddler.

So it's Love Day and I sure as hell wasn't going to keep my adorable couple indoors. I had two teens who were responsible and three mostly-independent children that would become five by the end of the night. I wanted to spoil my Baby Boom couple! The kids were at home that day, Brylee was out seeking the fire she longed to be in.

Bastian was painting.

The Tots were taking over the living room playing.


I checked over the kids' school reports and saw Bentley was at a B+ while the other two were at As. I decided to kill two birds with one stone (protect Brylee from certain death by Chemistry Table that doesn't exist but she'd FIND it and get Bentley to a safe place where he'll be ready for his birthday the next day.)

Adilyn found herself in a field of butterflies, and Liam KO'ed in my head from the pictures I took.

They had gone to the Elixir store first so Liam could sell his Tiberium and other gems from his inventory, then the lovebirds went on their actual date to the Spring Festival.

Liam: (sees Adilyn's face) (KO's again)

Samesies, Love Inspector... samesies.

They went on to get a festival picture and they danced together.

Only it started to rain, but that didn't stop them.

Back at home...

The kids were still alive, at least.

No one has died yet... this is good.

I love how everyone is running for shelter and my two goons are like "what's a little rain? We've had nine children before. We can handle some rain for some quiet time."
Oh, and 5 o'clock rolled around:

Livvie: (starts freaking out)
Livvie: (is not breathing)

Yet these two goons could care less that I just got them well over their wish to be worth $500k. They're just happy to have each other. Given it was 5 and a few other activities opened up around town, I decided these two love birds should make a break for it and get out of the rain.

So I sent them to see a Concert at the Theater.

I swear this town is freaking gorgeous.

Back at home the tots seem to still be alive. Brylee and Blaze worked double time to get the four toddlers into their beds.

The youngest toddlers still hadn't adjusted from the full moon, thus why Brielle and Briony were in bed already as it's quite early. Belle and Benny were still fairly awake, just in need of some love and care.

Bentley and Bethany were having a chat upstairs, likely complaining about fleas.

I had forgotten it was time for Benny and Belle to age up! Well I hadn't in game, but I have here! Belle went first, despite being born later:

She gained the Eco-Friendly trait!

Next was Benny!

He got the Good trait!

I love all the kids so much, but so far I love the genetics of Brylee and Blaze the most.

I pop in to check on Liam and Adilyn and they're having a blast at their concert.

Hey look all the kids are still alive!
This is totally feasible! I can do this! I can-


All of the children then ran as close as they could humanly get to the flames. Blaze immediately started trying to put it out but his fire extinguisher got jammed. I told Brylee to help but...

She was too busy cheering about the fire SHE started.

She finally jumped into action JUST IN TIME for Liam and Adilyn to come home and see what a horrible babysitter I am.
Why can I just see them swearing off ever leaving the house again?
Not a SINGLE housefire and then they go on ONE date and suddenly the house is extremely flammable.
No but for real, I got so fed up with the chili reaction I downloaded a mod to fix it.
No regrets.

(screams expletives)

I do my best to regain any semblance of their lives and send the babes all off to bed. The next day was Sunday and I had plans for the whole family, but thankfully it was nothing too critical.

Liam raced over to coo about children to his wife. You guys are so adorably attached at the hip.

Liam and Adilyn then needed to tend to the fact that the USELESS fire alarm woke up the babies, and their needs were low anyways, so they were pulled out for a cuddle, bottle and some time on their potty before being returned to bed.

Whatever. I shove Liam and Adilyn to bed. I'm so over Love Day.
Liam woke up first and I got him showered before trying to gather SOME semblance of the morning routines after the night before.

I came back to him autonomously rubbing on the unborn child in his wife's belly and I suddenly remembered why this challenge is all worthwhile.

Upstairs the children were all waking up.

You know what I just now realized? Brylee's favorite color is in the greens, and Blaze's favorite color is in the blues. Blaze has green eyes, and Brylee has blue...
Welp, besties 4 lyfe.

It's ridiculously early in the morning and the wish train rolls through town.

Come get your wishes while they're hot!

I KNEW Blaze was up to no good the other day! Ha! Poor Bastian!

The game decided I needed to be slayed again and reminded me of the obvious.

I got frightened by some lag and reset everything for safe measures at 6:15am exactly (I started the countdown at 6, but I wanted to ensure no one was interacting with anything during the reset so as to not wind up making more bugs).

With that, everyone filed out of the door for their day of family fun!


  1. Blogger is being annoying with the comments again, won't let me reply to the comment from last chapter. Somehow I missed a bunch of updates, which sucks...but it does mean I have about 5 to read in one go!

    Aw, Love Day is so much fun, it's so nice that they had a lovely day together. Too bad about the fire...that has never happened in my game, didn't know it could happen, wow!

    I love the patterns you're using for Adilyn, where did you get those triangles, and the flowers on her nightgown?

    (from the previous chapter)Love your routine! I'm so going to use it for something, though not this challenge, as I'm trying to be a little less controlling on this one, given there are no points or anything.

    I know what you mean about modding all the things, I'm the same! And yes, also play in windowed mode, but that's more so I can watch Netflix at the same time (my sims are muted). The pausing all the time is something I'm working on doing less of, though I do spend a stupid amount of time setting up the good face shots when they age up.

    1. Before I forget, patterns for Adilyn are in this set: http://pixel-goodies.tumblr.com/post/63197673301/shannasims-colourlovers-megapack-116-patterns
      (at least, I'm positive of the triangles being there, let me confirm that the nightgown one is too). I'm PRETTY certain, though I went through a phase eon's ago where I downloaded a crapton of patterns (for my God of Insanity in my serious stories) and this pack was one along with a few others, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember the others! I got a MAJORITY of them from that one though! Lots of great ones there! I use them all the time (you'll probably see a few I use around the house).

      Anywho, yes I know, Blogger really could use some polishing! (shakes fist) If only google would listen to my suggestions! The comment threads usually only go one-deep here, unfortunately, but I generally get the gist of what goes where.

      Haha, I didn't realize it could happen either, but of course Brylee would find it for me! Love day was such a treat, those two deserved a day out!

      Thank you! My routines are LIFE in this file, lol, if that isn't obvious! It's funny how much I enjoy challenges like this - I always struggled with the basic legacy because it felt so SPACED OUT; having everything all smashed in one seems like a heartpalpatation just waiting to happen yet here I am loving how intense I can make it. XD

      Modding is just like this downhill slope. You start with the basics, then it's "well, I NEED this" and suddenly you NEED everything (snorts). I'm still adding mods all the time, though I did recently add Saver into my NRAAS bag of tricks recently and I actually feel it's saved my butt on multiple occasions; so yes, I do NEED all of them, self! ;)
      I LOVE the good face-shots after age-up! It's like the peak moment of their lives when all attention goes on them! Hehe, thanks for reading!